Lock and Load

I remember Britney Spears singing her all-time hit "Baby One More Time" whilst dancing on the school's hallway.  I guess there is never an episode in Glee where you can't see Rachel Berry singing in the hallways. What could these two totally unrelated pictures mean? What do you think they have in common? 1. School. 2. Lockers

A locker is a narrow compartment that serves as storage for school items. I used to believe it was found in school, boy was I wrong. I watched an episode of Skins UK last week where Matt kept his duffle bag on a public locker. Locked and paid for a given amount of time. Equiped with a lock this was intended for people who want to keep a personal item hidden separately for safe keeping. We usually see most of them on  TV shows like Glee, movies like High School Musical. 

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