way back ancient times man started to doodle using a durable stick to the cave walls or on clay, they would scribble pictures that would look like a head, a foot, the sun or a woman (yeah, boobies and all. ;P) eventually these shapes dominated caves, tree barks and even rocks. ancient egyptians have their alphabet in the form of hieroglyphs or what they call a writing system. these were used to pass down literature and to just kill the time when you are bored plowing the fields and carrying big blocks of rock. :P

evolution took place and from the walls of caves where these ancient people live was then solidified in paper which was invented by someone in china. the term paper goes back to ancient Greek times, papyrus which was in fact from a beaten strips of papyrus plants. it was a material made from plants cellulose that was pressed together and dried to make them more flexible. china and their inventions. sweet! :D 

this wonderful invention allowed people to write notes, make a reminder that the Egyptians were days late in the launching of the great pyramids or what have you. writing literature, communicating with distant tribes, drawing the pharoah or even marking a tree bark with I WAS HERE. this need to write and be read goes back ancient times and yes facebook was not alive then. it is in a way their status message like a caveman would draw a woman + him = small kids. yes, the art of consumating. :)) kidding! i guess you know what i mean. this gave rise to written scriptures of years past, events, calamities and inventions. it was their way of how they see the world at their time.

time past. histories written. literatures has been read. time really moved fast. paper. pencils. sharpeners. erasers. pen. ink. ballpen. pentel pen. writing. snail mail. emails. sms. mms. blogging.

it is a wonder how things evolve as man seek more ways of convinience. i came upon this article that shows the new way of writing well not really but it was of a revolutionary product that can change how we will be in the future.

it is called a noteslate, an electronic paper. gone are the days when we would consciously write down our teachers word per word discussion in math. gone are the times when at the end of the school year our assignment notebooks has lost their pages. scrap paper after scrap paper thrown to the bin or thrown at pesky classmates or even chewed and spitted through a pen tube. reminiscent~~

this wonderful low cost table device displays a paper look design and yes it is battery operated. it is marketed at $99 only. no wi-fi access and it is just fine with me. memory is stored at a SD card, it is sync optional to share notes and fles. can save mp3, can read PDF and OCR and other free firmware upgrades. it includes a stylus and yes it fells just like paper with its A4 size or 13'' display.

it is one of the cheapest tablet device around. i find this gadget really functional minus all the unneccessary need for wi-fi. why would you even need one? this is paper! a battery operated one at that. 

oh i failed to mention the available colors:

WHITE - this i looooooooooove!! :P




Sold abroad directly just from ONE POINT OF SALE - our online store at this link from:

June 2011:
NoteSlate BASIC
NoteSlate WHITE
NoteSlate BLACK

December 2011:
NoteSlate RED
NoteSlate GREEN
NoteSlate BLUE

inquiries for more description, presskits and other info please send here: 

and yes, it does make me want to get one! :D


  1. wait, you're into marketing now??? Your blog is one hell of it! Nyahahaha. But that noteslate is suppppaahhh kewwwwlll!!! I want one!!! But damn, I'm no longer in school...

  2. lol Xd and one comment led to another blog ^.^
    grabe ka Pun-ny sa scribble

    nice ang blue (obviously XD )
    sheyt 99 dolyares? ka mahal 0.o
    but it does look conveniently cool

    and from the intro sa imong blog u sounded like Kuya Kim XDD

  3. @liya: its not really exclusive for students. ahaha. is it now? it wasnt really my intention i thought to make a whack at it and make it sound funny without being too dragging.
    @hime: ahahah. lol. i didnt realize that one though. errr should i say thanks? :D


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