i can finally say that the tiresome days of being in control of my time has ended. something greater than me has come - work. :P

yes. say goodbye to boredom and say hello to stress and more stress. i recently found out that i had hit the mark called "overweight" oh yes, i did and hells yeah i am not happy about it. :( i am taking action in the form of the good old tried and tested oatmeal and vegie diet. :D i will also throw in a daily exercise for the thighs and ofcourse a weekend swimming day. :D for the love of levi's heaven i want my old waistline back!!!

in any case, i am happy that things actually worked out for me without the help of other people. i can definitely say that i have grown. i am proud of myself which is rather a feat for someone like me. i also realized that without sacrifice nothing will ever happen. i was almost as certain that i will never get what i wanted and that the tables will never turn my way but lo and behold - they did. a whole 360 turn if i might say! i am a bit excited on how things worked out. this is just the beginning of something far bigger than who i am now and who i will be.

with febbe's help, i got io fixed and he will be back in my arms again by thursday!! weeeeeeee :D i can't wait. i have put off blogging for sometime and i can't wait to be back on the blogging world again. i also wanted to check websites that will pay per post. i also have to update my paypal account for this sideline! weee. blogging and getting paid just sounds lovely! :D i was able to blog one out and you can read it here. who ever said that nothing can good can come out of blogging was damn wrong! :P

all in all life has been good. for now.


  1. congrats emz ^_^
    things are pretty well right now with our lives, thanks to Him! ^_^

    oh btw, why is it so dang hard to start a diet regime? :D and exercise??? seems like mount everest for me :D

  2. Oh, hello there work! Finally. Congrats em. :)

    and i should say WELCOME BACK IO! :D


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