kids nowadays get their first mobile phone at the early age of 7 years old back in my day, i had mine when i was in my first year in highschool. i had this trium astral which wasnt the bigshot back then and i think it never was. it was not even new, my dad gave it to me from my aunt or someone else. so, my mom took me with her to the city for us to get a discounted load. back then, load does not come cheap it was in 1000, 300 and 500 denominations not to mention the time when PURETXT rule the mobile world. as the name suggested, it was purely text only.

here is an ad which might relinquish that moment: 
so as i was saying, we stopped over my mom's office and she walked me to the old SMART SERVICE CENTER in the city and to my dismay, the phone which has not even had the chance to be used was gone from my bag. guess that suspicious guy from the puj was the culprit. i went home sad. 

next in line was my first 5110 plus a 300 card worth of call and text. this time it was confiscated the next day, i had fun downloading logos and the 300 was gone in a breeze. i lived my highschool life without a phone and it didnt matter that much to me then. my idea of happiness then was eating pudding and icepop whilst waiting for a ride home with my friends or even chattering in the library with the bookwerms.

so i lived thru highschool without a phone til i got to college. my dad gave me his 8210. it was small and it was super nice to text at then i got my all time favorite phone, the 6210. what i love about this phone is that i can save almost all my messages in folders. back when memory cards were non-existent i loved this phone to bits til it broke down on me. :(( i would trade anything for this phone.

then my dad got me the 3230 for college. i liked it for a brief moment. it was bulky and the memory card was really a big help back in the days when memory is really important in nursing. and yes, i downloaded a notepad reader for me read harry potter 7 here secretly when i was stuck in NCM.

there would never really be any other phone that can be my all time favorite since 6210 until i met 6300. i bought it as an early Christmas gift. i got one in black. it was the last unit at that store. i begged dad to send me my allowance early. i got it in september on my 3rd year in college. it got the nicest keypad ever. it seemed like you are like texting on air. no noise at all. it was sleek, light and the camera was the best. it got me going for a good 3 years til i lost it on a public transportation. 

right now, i want any of the following phones:

 LG KF350

 LG KS365


at this age and time where being connected is synonymous to breathing any mobile phone would do. if santa is following my blog, can you throw in a DSLR and a weekend trip to baguio too?   


  1. never had even one of those phones.

  2. :0 lG ako fon ron teh. mas cute.check k215. slim sya.HAHAHA. palita! :angel


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