eff you blogger buddy!!!

i was almost at the end of my blog entry when i clicked Ctrl+Z and it turns out that the tool does not autosave. thank you for that lesson. ~sigh

i cant believe it went to waste. i seldom make entries now cause i have been rather busy with transcribing. i am transcribing these audio files from the last work i had as a training assistant. i hope i get to finish this today that way my hands are totally free and my laptop can finally say he can rest.

i also have to finish this within this week. i cant afford another week lost without me looking for a new job. i even got a call from the employer i applied for last couple of months and i had to decline them. i cant really do anything with these responsibilities at hand. i have to ensure that i am really free from anything at all before i go out and start job-hunting.

these past few days i have decided to apply back to the last bpo company i went for. i guess it had been 60 days since the last. i wish i could be at the account i was eyeing for.

power is out. i am blogging and listening to the audio file and transcribing as well. i hope the power will be back soon enough before io's power runs low.

i just want this week to end.

btw, did i mention that i am currently sick and the monthly visitor has also come to say hi. sucks to be a girl sometimes.


  1. LOLz I thought Blogger Buddy is your new best friend. :D

  2. hey emz!!! dont give up! i know you can do it! ^_^
    good luck of getting the job that you want. :)


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