i was headed to Cebu this late afternoon and bought myself a copy of SunStar. i remembered that last year when i was still affiliated to a  BPO company for the Yuletide Season i made room from my closet and stash the clothes i couldn't wear anymore to a big plastic bag. i also added the air bed that i kinda poked with a hot iron which i also made a blog about that

some call me names "goody two shoes", compassionate, too kind, gullible even but i never let those labels get to me. maybe there was one time but nonetheless, i am who i am and i love myself. i was waiting til i found someone worthy of all the goodies i had in that big plastic bag. 

i was on my way to work when i saw this scavenger checking out for food scraps at a bar near the place i was renting. he looked a bit tired and yes, he looked like he needed some help. i am not the type to be selfish and yes i like to give. i appoarched the person and "kuya, naa kay mga anak?" "Sir, do you have kids?" the scavenger replied "naa." "yes." i told him "mubalik ra nya ko, naa koy ihatag nimo" "i will come back, i have something to give you." i got home and took the big bag with me and ran down the steep stairs. i didn't realize how heavy the bag was til that time. i got back and he indeed waited for me. 

"naay duha ka sapatos, air bed na buslot, naay sanina sad..."
"daghan rani kaayo dai.."
"okey ra kuya, dili naman jud nako magamit..."
"okey ra nimo na ihatag ning air bed.."
"o, okey ra. naa naman sad koy kutson."
"salamat dai ha?"
"way sapayan, pasensya wala koy kwarta mahatag. giapilan sad nakog pan basin gutom naka."
"salamat jud dai salamat kaayo."

that was the best 5 minutes i ever had in my life. i wanted to cry right then and there but he might take it that i wanted the things back. i left him to eat his bread and i went home to fix myself for sleep. it is a wonderful feeling to give back, to help others who are in need. i wish everyone would find the time to make an effort to help others. 

this year, it would be different. i wanted to be a catalyst for change. i wanted people to know that we can help in our own little ways. i made this poster for the event that i am hosting along with febbe. i am excited for this event and i hope that it will be successful.


  1. nassel. muying. judell. charmaine. sheila. france. jirffey. :) 7 na.

  2. Im sooo proud of u em. :) as for me, it's my fourth day na wrapping gifts para sa mga less fortunate. will give it this sunday na. im sure yours will be successful pd! ♥


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