"you're my most favorite person in the world (=" 

noone has ever told me that, until now.

im not sure how i should react.

not even sure how to respond.
it does feel a bit warm and fuzzy all around. 
would "thank you" make me look like iwanted to hear it?
how could one like me?
someone once told i was gullible, too considerateand even whiny.
i am also depressive one time then euphoric,bipolar in fact.
how could anyone choose me as their favoriteperson?
scratch the favorite, but a person. their person.
i was never anyones person.
i was never comfortable with the idea that ineeded to be someone else's someone.
i am my own person. my person is my own.
and that was it, until now.

ive known this person not that long.

we dont have much memories to recall in the spanof a month and 16 days .

i can say that there are times when i would wonderwhat keeps us together?
was is the similarities?
or the differences?

nonetheless, it feels like weve known each otherfor the longest time.

ive never considered myself a person easy to beliked.

i could be one of the following upon firstimpression:


i get mood swings, i can snap at you for thelittlest things and coo at the most mundane stuff.

i can live not talking for the whole day or evenyears if you deserved it.

i never thought i would know myself that well.
everyday is a wonder.
i find wonder in almost everything.

i wonder how i feel like i dont know myself thatmuch. heck, i even surprise myself at times.

funny how that goes.

they say, you need to be aware of who you are toknow what you like in others.

do i really need to? i think i have met somebodywho makes me feel like i dont need to know who i am.

the constancy creates learning. similaritiesbreeds comfort. respect grows out of our differences.

i was always the independent type.

i can go out and find happiness amidst mysolitude.

solitude was my bestfriend.
sure i have friends and yet i am also friends withmyself.

one day, all of that changed.

i thought i met my alter-ego already, but i havenever meet anyone as close to perfection and as close to how i see myself. ifeel at ease, i find comfort in the companionship we both share. peoplewatching was never as fun as with someone to share it with. car swooning hasalways been a favorite pastime of mine but it seemed more enjoyable when i havethat person by my side. stargazing seemed such a lazy thing to do on a clearfull mooned night but never felt nice til we gazed at them together. we both sharethe same burden and share the same enemy we call boredom. 

i find it funny though, how she can think ofthings that are somewhat weird, freaky and even morbid yet it turns out to becute in one way or another. i hated how it feels like that i am talking tomyself and i am enjoying and indulging this feeling. the constancy is good,afeeling that someone can finish up your lines with ease. its unusual. out ofthe ordinary. peculiar even.

i enjoy the company so much that i forget thepassing of the time. i have no idea how it came to be, how its fun and how itwas so easy to be here. 

i would wonder, if it is or could it be?

this isnt either, maybe both.

the proximity has its pros and cons. i dont wantto get attached and one day start missing her. which i do most of the time.sometimes it feels like i miss myself. the best thing about it though, is thefeeling of security that you can never be wrong with it and for a moment itslike talking to myself without the influence of alcohol, LSD or the workings ofmy imagination. it was all sane and sober. i am aware that this exist and isreal. real to me.

what i do like about this is the feeling that i ammyself still. i can be who i ever was when i have nobody but myself. it surefeels nice to have met that person. it may come in the form of a friend, alover, an enemy or even a stranger.

we all are strangers in this world.

yet we can never be strangers to our own selves.

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