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ivealways said that TV rots the brain. and i still live by it. i coined it anyway. 

i am a self-confessed couch-potato, used to watch tv all day long, frequentvisits to the cr and the fridge between breaks. i am no longer a coach potato.

ive been in cebu for a year already and 2 months. we dont have tv in where westay here. i keep my imagination active by reading books and conversing topeople. i missed tv sometimes and i had a bit of tv dose when i spent my holyweek in liloan. even though my cousins place didnt have cable it feels just thesame. i had my saturday morning anime fix. i used to wake up before to watchfavorite anime. its a bit nostalgic really.

tv rots the brains.

advertisements that show impossible facts just to sell products. funny yet itswhat they all call as marketing strategy so who am i to complain anyway? i canalways opt not to watch it. i really never miss tv that much. its still thesame. the advertisements, the singing acts and even the part where they wouldhave a mini-drama series to get anyone's attention and in the hopes that we'dget to buy that new variant of laundry detergent. funny thing.

these are the things i learned from tv. if its any thing called as learning.

1. alien abduction or any of that sort, why does it always seem that theyALWAYS know and SPEAK English no matter what galaxy they come from.

2. dark and stormy nights always bring bad luck.
3. when you are stuck at a house on a stormy night, it ALWAYS lack light,water, phone line or cellphone signal.
4. at the verge of dying, one can always say their final words as:
"i love you."
"i will never tell you who i am working for."
and the famous...
"it was..." *dies*
5. on chasing sequences, it always always seemed like the chasee (if its a legalterm) ends up with a empty gas tank. then the next sequence would end up in aforest running and hoping that he will never trip and get killed by an ax.
6. gun fights. the main character never runs out of bullets and if he does hegets his refill from "just-lying-there-on-the-ground" guns.
7. there would always be a scene where the main character or anyone thatwatches tv then they would just turn it off afterward. it could either be newsabout them (fugitives, the latest virus outbreak or anything nonsense)
8. nightwatchmen get killed first, i think its part of their job description.
9. when one is attacked by a gang of 20 people, no need to fear they take turnsanyway.
10. emotional breakdown causes people to wander in the heavy rain without umbrellas.
11. the crack of lightning and the accompanying flash happen simultaneously,wherever you are.
12. all buildings have air vents that are clean and have enough space for youto crawl into and ends up with a grill that is loose or can be opened by onesimple push.
13. the lead character will always miss a bullet shot at him and he will nevermiss the person he shots at no matter how far the distance may be.
14. fire trucks, ambulance and the police will come over when all is done andeveryone had died.
15. cars get blown up and shot in the air but most police cars just blow up andcrash over a cliff or something.

tv has been a good source of entertainment for me. ive had my dose of nationalgeographic, discovery channel, mtv, and cartoon network.

ive also gone pass the tv series. smallville, charmed, gilmore girls, house md,desperate housewives, that 70s show, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, heroes.

and cartoon series that i wish would be back on the boob tube: the little lulushow, daria (mtv produced)



what else do i remember from tv?

aha! i love the feeling of scanning tv channels, i call it: channel surfing.
and of course: the remote. eating cold food, chips and a can of soda withinreach.  

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