imma ♥ cebu

I love those words.
That really spells how I am. How can I be soo random? How was it that I was able to meet someone who was random aswell?

North Bus Terminal.
Off to somewhere unexpected. Stopped only when we felt like it.
Ate skyflakes.
Drank 1.5 mineral water.
Went to Bantayan.
Got lost.
Rode a ferry which I enjoyed quite a lot.
Seawater, humid air, poddie and the only person I wanna be with next to me.
Notebook and pen in tow.
Sappy lines written, cloud formations, water. sea water.
It would have been depressing.
Guess I need not be.
I was happy, trully was.

Stopped over a park
Saw Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda.
Ate Piattos.
Walked amidst the heat of the sun.

Chilled at the bus terminal while other passengers swarmed over an incoming bus.
Why the rush people?
Stop. Listen. Feel.
We walked over the edge and adored the setting sun.
We didn’t had anything to "borrow" then.
But I guess we had our slice of heaven.
Getting away. Far away from the city.
Far from the monotony we called life.
Sun. Sand. Water.
And the company of the only person that mattered to me.

I wasn't a big fan of white sand beaches, what i enjoyed most throughout the whole trip was the fact that i was entirely happy and thats what matters to me now.


playlist on loop:
we're so far away by mae
the ocean by mae
gravity by sara bareilles


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