i get it. 
she needed some donation.
all i did was say "im sorry.."
she left me.
surfing the net.

solicitations for the church.

i was just minding my own business when,
she touched my shoulder.
she even smiled at me.
i gave her the curious look.
she handed this envelope.
which i didn't bother to look.
all i said was say.. "sorry.."
she left me.
i was busy looking at other jobs online.
was chatting with my spaced out friend - Liya! :))

so there.
she let me be.
she came back all of a sudden.
bad mouthing.
i was like.
WTF? is this?! ^my inner mind theater.
i was like. hala naunsa na?!

lady: "kun ayaw mo magbigay, wag ka nang magsalita.."

lady: "akala mo kun sinong maganda, para sa simbahan to.. sama nangugali.."

lady: "abig unsa ka gwapa, negra raba! mas gwapa pako nimo..."

lady: "salamat sir, imong customer way ayo ug batasan.."

and she left.
i was like.
what the hell was that about?

i mean.
hey. i didn't say anything aside from "sorry..."

and what gives?

i can pay my own share to God at my own pace.
i just don't need other mediums to do it for me.

and how ironic.
she worked for God?
and how is it that she had the time to badmouth me?


i felt embarrassed for her.
i was.
people were like looking at us.
she was spewing fire like a dragon.
me staring.
me looking.
keeping mum.

thank God i kept my mouth shut.
she wouldn't want to hear what i had in mind.


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