i envythem.
the bonding. everything.
just like glue - they all stick.

we are officially a year older.
wave 43.
1 year.

i filed PTO today.
i waited til noon.
nobody sent me a message.
of a plan.
a night out.
or something.

by 1-ish somebody did.
i had to decline.
i already made plans on my own.
i felt a bit sad.
and i was thinking "it had always been this way..."

wave 43.

looking back.
we were never really close at all.
we drifted apart.
by differences.
petty issues.
and by distance.

some left.
some resigned.
some just isolated themselves.

im happy i reached this far.
and if in the turn of events this week,
i think this might be my last year in the company.

lets see how the tables turn.

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