crappy stuff

some people make you feel just unworthy.

and most of all:
make you feel that maybe it was a big mistake that you were ever born.

i've kept this in as much as i wanted to. i won't have to spew all the nastydetails.

we look for comfort where we can find it.
yes i look sad.

i'm not a lot of things you've gone on for the past
i know.
i wish i knew how not to hurt me.

everybody's got their enemies
and my enemy is myself.

please walk me down your broken line
all i have to do is cry.

we hope against all logic, against all experience
like children.
we never give up hope.

my life isn't perfect, regardless of what others think.
i have a life.
i think i did.
make plans have fantasies.
and none of them involve ending in the blink of the eye

they say it hurts less if you don't see it coming.
how come it hurts just the same?

i signed it already.
and i never was a fan of waiting.

i don't deserve this.
i stop accepting crap and i demand something more.
and still,
waiting definitely sucks!

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