rewind and forward

okey,this was my to do list for the year and id update you as to what i already accomplished.

and this is just the start.. will update soon. or what do you think i need to do before the year ends?

retainers ---- don't have enough money for this yet.
bohol/manila trip ---- i went to guimaras over the weekend i guess that counts for something
Häagen-Dazs® ---- i bought Nestle the big one :D (not the
POLARIOD BOOK by Tachen ---- sighs~ next year :D
City of Ember Series ---- im down to 2 more and its all complete.
my own digicam -----this is the most depressing part, i was hoping i would get enough dough guess i won't get one for now
hair rebonded -----total bummer.
paint nails red -----yes. done with the help of Hime :D
kiss a stranger -----this i have yet to do. O_o
3D movie in SM -----done with Hime - AVATAR. Jack Sulley and his blue naked body. :))
expensive footwear ----- bought something at 1k plus :D
red wine and cheese -----red wine. chilling on my fridge :D
explore Cebu -----i went to Samboan and Moalboal. Ethel was planning on a trip due South. waiting~~
call friends in the US -----done with boss bangs :D

2009 was a great year for me.
a roller coaster ride to say the least.
had my ups and mostly downs.
depressive modes and euphoric moments.
met and lost friends in the process.

id enumerate the things i feel proud of doing:
1. move away from butuan.
2. leave independently.
3. get a job.
4. graduate college.
5. live on my own pace.
6. travel far and wide.
and im gonna write down 3 epiphanies:

1. i can survive on my own. no matter how heavy the rain is.
2. i can lose people without my knowledge and surprisingly gain some in the process.
3. i can be happy. if i choose to be.

what i look forward on 2010:
it would be my 23rd year.
i need to learn to drive.
learn a foreign language.
speak native tongue.
start my passion and let it be productive.
photo shoot anyone? :)
learn to play the violin.

maybe. just maybe be found by someone who would tell me "where have youbeen all this time?"


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