in less than 12 days im bound to another chapter of my life. the big 2-3.
what do i want?

one thing.

 life has been good. life has been shitty too. but nonetheless, i am ever sohappy, for now. :D

what i wanted to do for this year:
-go back to Butuan and play with my dogs
-watch a concert - hopefully this 30th :D
-see Coco Martin and JLCruz!
-have fun during Sinulog.
-go to Camiguin, Bukidnon and Caramoan Islands :D
-get a passport
-buy a digital camera
-visit Manila just because
-ask someone for a date and hopefully not get rejected.
-kiss a stranger. damn this.
-get another job- sideline perhaps,
-really learn Native Language and Foreign Language
-meet someone really interesting
-a nice really tight hug
and of course

where is he?

and i just realized...
its not so important that its happy ever after, just that its happy right now.

and i am

one day i surprise myself.
i might enumerate all the things i want for birthday.
i can settle for a nice warm tight hug.
or a lovely walk in the rain with someone to talk to.
*gimme some love*


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