sulking over.

someone told me that i was too weak too shallow. bordering toomuch on things. that crying was never a solution. 

if that person could see me now, well i am notcrying anymore. you want me to suck it all up? then i am. every waking day. imust say that i was never the type to keep this feelings bottled up and maybe ineed to. i can still vent it out somewhere else if it reaches the hilt. 

at a point i was asking myself why do i feel likeits my fault? why does it feel like that?

i never expected this attention from you. i neverget to experience such, knowing i have a passive bestfriend then i guess itcame out wrong. i never take your comments as offense. nor complained that youtell me more than i need to hear. don't get me wrong - i love it. i love howyou can just tell me matter of factly what you can say about things in life andwhat your thoughts about this and that.

forgive me with the ranting. guess i should goback and sulk for now.

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