counting down~~

officially the start of the BER months.

i am trying out this list of things to do beforethe year ends. to some, yes i can be impulsive but i can be that and a plannertoo - whichever comes first! nyahah!

some of the things i need to do before the yearends:

1. get retainers :D

2. go to bohol or manila for the weekend - babe,can i come over your place?
3. buy Häagen-Dazs® and eat like there is notomorrow
4. buy that POLAROID BOOK by Tachen in NBS
5. complete my City of Ember collection
6. save up for a new digital camera
7. get my hair rebonded!
8. paint my toes RED! 
9. grab a random guy in a club/bar and strike aconversation and even end it with a sweet goodnight kiss! :D
10. watch 3D movie in SM
11. get branded clothes/shoes -- damn thatAerosole sandal!!
12. beg dad for a lappy! 
13. buy a bottle of red wine and cheese! ahhhhhh.
14. go to somewhere far in Cebu and explore (neverbeen far North yet)
15. call my best friends abroad! - jefelyn, bossbangs and booby! :D

and this is just the start.. will update soon. orwhat do you think i need to do before the year ends?

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