story-telling time.

way back 4th year college i told myself that upon graduating and after taking the board exam, i would pack my bags and transfer to Cebu.

would apply as a contact center agent and be happy and free. i did, i boarded the Sunday trip to Cebu last December 8 and was in euphoria with the thought that this was my official ALONE traveling.

i met up with my best friend and had a nice snackover at McDonalds. he gave me a peck in the cheek a warm tight hug and off iwent to Nasipit.

all i had with me was my stroller and the idea that i can make it in Cebu by myself.

i met up with a friend who happens to be not in my friends list anymore. it was Monday then, i was ready to apply. took some restover his place and went to IT Park at around 10am.

i remember i wore my favorite grey turtleneck top,grey miniskirt and my killer hills. took a form, filled it up and waited to be summoned.

i was called at around 1pm for the initial interview. he was all that nice. he asked to say something about ourselves. i was with another applicant then. the lady asked me to go first, which i did and knowing that i talk waay too fast i was done with the task in 2minutes flat. i never got to see her again. i was told to come back at 3pm to do the exams.

my "friend" and i ate lunch at Jollibee.and was back for the exam. it was totally draining, i remember being sick afterall that. i was given a sheet of paper to come back for the final interview come Wednesday.

Wednesday - i came over alone this time."friend" has work then, i wore my CHN pants and a plain blue top. iwas given THE BLUE form. and that means i was officially hired. was given the requirements to fulfill for the week.

the following days i went to find NBI and SSS using my trusty map. i was able to comply the needed requirements and the medical exams. done and done. was then scheduled for the orientation.

i was profiled for 3 accounts: an Australian phone account, a technical account and a customer service account. i signed for the technical account which would start on feb 2.

called my mom and told her to book me a flight home. spent Christmas and my 22nd birthday back home with my best friend and a good friend over the years. 

i came back in Cebu by jan26. was called that i needed to take some exams to be transferred to the customer service account. which i did. starting date- feb 2.

training. oh my! CCT was the best ever. meet new faces. gained new friends. found out that most of us were nursing graduates. 

passed the board exam.

post training.

post transition.
tenured teams.

whew. things happened soo fast.

gained and lost friends over the time. gained trust and had some downfalls too.

went to places i never had been, done things i never thought i would ever get the chance to do - like spelunking and going over to the edge of the city.

now that i was able to meet the standards. i was privileged enough to be regularized. things are falling to place. and now thati am: i have so many things waiting to be done.

*spanish classes

*yoga or pilates

*save up to go to hk or batanes
*buy a dslr
*buy my own laptop

ahaha! life is good.

im relieved.

no more tears. 

i love it *drops jaw for the most intended effect ;)

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