boredom kills! :D

i am so fricking bored.

and as i was recuperating from my fever andlightheadedness, i thought of something productive to do:

i redecorated my wall art in my room
as i was happily transferring the photos to groupsand gluing newpaper pages to the walls
i took my Call Girl signage (which Hans got me formy birthday with Mo Twister's autograph and small dedication) from my mirrorand BANG!!
off goes the mirror hook, mirror fell.
broken to a million pieces!! @.@
i was like WTF!!
i left it there for a moment, still thinking whatto do next. 
i took the feature on Batanes to be placed at mywall art. 
always wanted to be there and i will be. 
when i get to have my own DSLR and enough funds.:D

i was segregating my photos according to theevents in my life: college, killerbee and things in between.

as i looked at them one by one i realized that ihave grown to be someone far than what i can see there in my photos.
i have this photo when i graduated and for thepinning ceremony.
i was never happy with the feeling that i was ableto graduate from the course.
i lived with it as a cursed in fact.
i always had my say on things: and especially onthings related nursing.
i was told that i was lucky to have graduate.
i know i am.
and the thing is that even if i had pass the examsand even if i am now a registered nurse that will never define who i will be inthe future.
i made some mistakes. 
made some wrong detour.

at the end of the day what matters is that i amhappy with the decisions i make.

i know that i can be ungrateful to my parents. notdoing what i need to do. not practicing what i was able to finish in the 4years i painstakingly lived by. but then, how can i love something that i cannever be too good at. yes! i know some wanted this so called position right nowi know that. if only i can turn back time and do it all over again. :(

to those who passed and who are practicing isalute you guys. i admire how you can be so driven to do this noble job.

to those who tired to be a nurse cause they arejust compelled to- well there is always a way to make that worthwhile.
and those that who tired their very best to bewhat they wanted or what their parents wanted - don't be damn too hard onyourselves. life can be a bitch at times but that does not mean that you haveto give up the fight. a great friend reminded me of this old-school quote"what does not kill you will make you stronger.." 

i know what i want now. i am not the patheticdreamer that i was back in college. i am living and taking small steps to reachmy goal. currently, i am not in good terms with my mom. she wanted me to takethe chance and be a nurse. i am reluctant about it. never wanted to in thefirst place. and nobody can stop me in that pursuit. and the only thing thatwould hinder me - death. and that would be a different story.

so i finished the wall art and was satisfied at theresult. i took a piece of the broken glass glued it to a piece of paper andglued it back to its hook. made some design over the edges and viola - newmirror! :D ahaha! 

things people think and do when they are bored! :D

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