hey there! :(

they say that there is no need to cry over spilled milk, butwhat if it was your favorite milk?

so i did, and i know it is just plain pathetic tosome.

but i am quite guilty of what i did.

how unintentional it was thought to be.

i am not entirely sure if this would end likethis.

like a spilled milk waiting to evaporate or

all that is left is glass ring on the table.

i don't understand why this has to happen though.

i believe that this is happening because this washow it was predestined to be.

and trust me i am not a believer of FATE.

maybe just maybe, this was to happen to test wherethis friendship should go.

what scares me the most is that i might never havethat milk again.

and if i do find another milk and if i might likeit just like how i liked my favorite

then maybe i would be more cautious this time.

i am not used to this,

having someone who is disappointed at you.

he wasn't able to be at least be mad at me.

i think i am overacting to this situation.

i can say i am, but how am i to learn if i don'tget the punishment that i deserve?

i feel so guilty knowing that he can't be mad atme at all.

:( all the more reason to feel guilty right?

i can't even look at him directly.

the shame and the thought that i had hurt him.

is too hard to handle.

for now, i have done my share of crying.

he told me not to cry over petty stuffs.

but this is not petty at all.

i like milk.

always had been.

and if my milk is reading this - hey there!

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