my near-death-experience

i was soo stressed that last apr.9 i nearly died of suffocation.i went home from work at around 8am, 

i have this water heater that i use to boil waterfrom to drink nesvita before i sleep, 

that day i decided to cook the camote which i havedone successfully in the past--until that day. i was tired from work so ichanged clothes and lounged at my bed and watched 
XMEN 3 on my ipod. the next thing i know the roomwas filled with smoke. 
my favorite grey turtleneck top is burning! egads!so the then my room err our room stenched! 
so i went over to SM which happens to be open 
after the holy week and bought baking soda andsome charcoal using the 
gift certificates i won from the photo contest. ijust cleaned the room and 
did the laundry that's also the reason why it tookme quite a long while to go out of the house. 

i am soo having fun here in Cebu. i recently wentto Moalboal with my teammates and our Team Leader and it was fun that was lastweek. i am living my life slowly at a time. i may not have the things that iwant as of the moment but i am more than happy that i am alive. and that isenough for me. 

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