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The food train has stopped at Vigan. Still following and satiating my hunger pangs with a few random food exploits around the city. Vigan is a quaint place to go by and most foods are just a version of other cuisines and sometimes fusion!

In true budget traveler fashion - I opted to go as local as possible. Not having to spend more than Php100 per meal, I ventured out to find something to eat.

Here's how it went down.

Longganisa is sometimes compared to Adobo with its many variation. Vigan's version is quite emblematic; their longganisa is plump and rather small. Had a spicy bite to it as its made with garlic, ground pork and a mix of local seasonings. Do not judge the size - it packs a punch.

Usually served any time of the day and at nearby restaurants and paired with a fried egg. These are sometimes brought back home - a perfect pasalubong item. Tip: Bring a cooler with you if you plan to bring them home. 

Vigan Empanada is similar to the Batac version but had a rather subdued orange hue. Vegetable filling is usually made up of grated green papaya, mung bean sprouts and shredded carrots. The meat filing consists of whole eggs and skinless Vigan longganisa. If you feel rather extra you can get the double special Vigan empanada which had two servings of meat filling.
What is best in Ilocos other than the usual food is their vinegar. A magic potion of onions, ground black pepper and bird's eye chili. Why am I talking about this? It's because it's the OTP (One True Pair) of Vigan Empanada and quiet honestly, everything fried. Most bring bottles home with them as pasalubong or as personal consumption.

I visited the Vigan Plaza on the first night and saw a flock of people hovering over what seemed like cooking ladies. Like an open-kitchen, you can see the local vendors prepare the food in front of you. It is quite a spectacle and entertaining to be completely honest.

Yes, I thought of bringing some home. I was ready to do so but like any fried food - it will turn soggy and the egg might not be good to travel. I did somehow manage to bring some over to the bus station and paired it with cold soda. What a way to end my visit.

Did I miss any food in Ilocos? If so, what and where can I get it? I might decide to visit again.

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