Papa Johns - How an App on Your Phone Can Get You Free Pizza

Free pizza? Who could say no? Now you can participate in the best pizza rewards program available through an app while experiencing the flavorful goodness of your favorite food. How can you get free pizza just by using an app on your phone? Check it out!

1. Create an Account

After you download a pizza ordering app, you’ll need to create an account. This ensures every time you order a pizza, breadsticks or anything else from that pizza shop, you’ll start earning points. Your account is connected to online orders, phone orders, in-person orders and of course, app orders. The account information will include your name, phone number, email address, birthday, pizza delivery address and other important information.

2. Answer All the Questions

One thing you might notice is some information that creates your account also gets you extra rewards points. For example, entering your birthday could be bonus point information, and you could receive other rewards or benefits on your actual birthday!

3. Order Pizza

When ordering pizza through the app on your phone, your points will begin to accrue. Ordering this way makes the process quite easy. You can quickly check out gluten free crust ingredients, add a drink, scroll through pizza topping combinations and even request your own combination. When your order is placed, your rewards will be added to the account you created.

4. Check Back Often

There are always new ways to earn points through phone apps, so be sure to turn on the notifications for your pizza app and check back often to find out what you can do to acquire them. It’s also a good way to learn about special promotions.

Get the Free Pizza Process Started Today

After you have earned enough rewards points, you can order your free pizza! For the freshest delivery pizza, download an app and get your rewards points accumulating today!

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