I was born in St Luke's Hospital back in 1987 at 05:20AM. My parents only had Php10 with them at the time. Did I mention that my dad always greets on the 15th? Know why from my previous post - 15th. We celebrate birthdays differently at our house. We share it with immediate family and share the food we humbly prepared. 

There's no party, only the chatter of friends and the laughter of family members reminiscing the old times. There's music however and food - just enough to feed everyone at home and some extra to give away to relatives who were unable to make it during the festivities. 

When I grew older, I didn't care much for birthdays as to me it's just an ordinary day. When you turn a year older - it doesn't necessarily mean you grow smarter or become wiser with your spending. It's not a magic date when you realize things you haven't before. It's also not an excuse to spend money on things that you can never take with you when you die. So, don't expect me to treat everyone with drinks or food or baked goods. If you want to celebrate with me, be here.

For others who do not know me personally - I am an only child. Stereotypes would dictate that I grew up spoiled. I kid you not, I wasn't. When everyone had Gameboys at school I was one of those who did not have any. All my parents could give me was a bootleg Brick Game, I was rather contented of that. I waited and earned several good grades until I got something better instead - a SNES! Google it up. Fast forward to college, I have wanted a laptop because I had so many projects to do but my dad got me a second hand PC from a cousin. I am grateful actually, with the PC setup I was able to start a small encoding business which helped me buy ink and paper when I needed it.

I was taught that I can get anything I want only if I worked hard for it. This is the principle I strongly live by with every decision that I make. Imagine my disgust having to finish Nursing school when I badly wanted to take up Mass Communication. The experience was a soft blow to my ego knowing that at the time when I had no income, I had to succumb to what my parents wanted for me. So I went ahead and enrolled along with my high school buddies. I wasn't really smart nor was I dumb either - I managed to finish the course in one go and passed the licensure exams too. At the time, if I was able to fully do what they wanted out from me - I can get a pass to do what I want after the fact.
And that I did, when I finally landed my first job (to my parent's horror a non-Nursing job) - I had high hopes in landing a QA post after a year. I was that ambitious. I was not lucky enough to get the job or should I say was not the favorite at the time. Left and moved to a new company that allowed me to do some sideline (blogging) and when the inevitable came that our supervisor finally decided to fully become a student; I was next in line to replace her. I did not really sign up for anything nor did I apply for that. Let's just say - I was lucky and yes there was noone else in line that can do the job. I had 20 agents and juggled 3-4 accounts reporting weekly to a direct client. It was not a walk in the park. The experience taught me that I can manage and adjust to different people and still manage to get the message across. I was a supervisor for 4 years before leaving and uprooted my life and moved here in Cavite. It was a different ball game that time.

Growing up, I have set ideals and goals I need to achieve. Yes, it may not seem that I have plans but I do. I just keep it with me. I do not share these as for me - sharing it means that I will never achieve it. So when I want something, I work hard for it. 

I know some can see the potential I have on a specific job title/s but it's not about you seeing me that way. It's me being there and excelling at it. Yes, I have self doubt and I may not be as confident as I once was but allow me time to do it at my own time. Allow me to weigh things over and see if this is the right fit for me. I once said that if I ever step up - I want to be the best at it. I wanted to earn the part rightfully and not because there is a huge void you need to fill and there's no other alternative. I actually do not appreciate pressure and people having to push me to do things I do not want to do. I'd get to where I want to be - at my own pacing.

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