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I am not sure what birthday this was but it seemed like my 7th birthday. I celebrate it with a cousin which explains the balloons: From: Daddy & Mommy and From: Papa (my uncle)

Let me tell you a story about how my dad always greets me every 15th of January. He would either text me his greeting or asks me to call him and tells me personally - every 15th, like clockwork. It got me thinking that maybe my birthday wasn't really the 16th. I checked my birth certificate and I was born on January 16th year 1987 at 5:20AM. 

I found out from my mom that she started to feel labor pains on the 15th  - which maybe a big day for my dad at the time. He was about to become a dad. If I can recall correctly, they went straight to St Luke's Hospital (yes, THAT hospital) with only Php10 in hand. The doctor stated that my mom wasn't dilated enough and should just come back. She was even advised to return the next day but my mom insisted that they did not have enough money to return in time if the inevitable happens. So they stayed, mom pacing the hallway waiting for my head to crown.

Then at 5:20AM on January 16th I was born. Growing up, we don't celebrate it much but when my dad started his job as a seafarer we would celebrate it with a small get together. Back in the day, each occasion would call for relatives coming back home - a sort of reunion. We would have games and prizes and just a fun day filled with candies and food. Laughter, a few karaoke songs here and some gossip with the oldies out in the back. 

As I grew older - I never really care for birthdays that much. I was taught to just celebrate it with a close knit of people who matters - family and a select few friends. 

It has been 2 years since my dad left and on the 15th I was half expecting he would text me and greet me a happy birthday. I would reply - "It's tomorrow dad" and he would say he knows. And when the next day comes, he would still greet me like always; like clockwork.

I turned 31 exactly a week ago, I checked my phone and the last message I sent my dad was on July 24, 2016 - the day the clock stopped.


  1. Birthdays sure are super special. Especially when it comes to family. Hearts!


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