Serenitea's 8th Year - Jumbo Cup Offer

It has been 8 sweet years with Serenitea and what better way in celebrating this by throwing in that Jumbo Cup! 

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List of Drinks:

1. Yakult Drinks (except Calamansi)
2. Fruiteas (except Calamansi)
3. Okinawa Milk Tea
4. Hokkaido Milk Tea
5. Wintermelon Milk Tea
6. Basic Milk Tea
7. Chaffee Milk Tea
8. Emperor Milk Tea
9. Winter Frost
10. Taro Lover

Follow them in Facebook for the latest updates - Serenitea FB Page or in Twitter at their official handle at @iloveserenitea and on their official Instagram page for that mouthwatering milk tea photos at @iloveserenitea.

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