Kara's Fried Chicken

fried chicken, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food
Kara's is found across the korean boutique Super Starr, this place is also along Hotel Sogo in Sanciangko. The place is a go-to area for students and people who just got hungry from walking about the busy streets in Colon. The place is really rustic, a bit moldy and yes humid at that. However these conditions never posed any problem to their regular customers. 

We went there after their peak hours which is between noon and around 7pm. We ordered freshly cooked chicken, ngohiong and a few puso not to mention the ice cold bottle of Mountain Dew. 

What's on the menu? 

The fried chicken, chorizo, ngohiong, squid balls, dilis and a few dried fish. They also have other Pepsi products and bottled water.

Here's the place. It's a bit humid so you better choose the tables near the ceiling fan. You will not stay long either, all you need is the food and move on.

 fried chicken, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

fried chicken, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food
I have this theory that the old bottle of Mountain Dew tastes better than the new ones, is it just me?

fried chicken, #032eatdrink, food, cebu street food

Before you get started with the chickens you better pay up! Chicken is now at Php40 a piece, puso is at Php2.50 and the cold beverage is at Php10. 

Word for the wise: Bring alcohol or any form of sanitizer. :)

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  1. my wife introduced me this place. she did not fail me that their chicken really tastes good and so others. there's also another kara's near colonade mall. we prefer dining in @ kara's near the colonade mall because after the tiring groceries, we could eat at kara's before heading home. :D


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