PLDT's Ultera Fun 699

2016 started pretty well and I hope things will stay the same. I wanted to go back to blogging as regularly as I wanted. I went ahead and signed up for PLDT's Home Ultera plans. The cheapest they got was the Fun Plan 999. Submitted my requirements and missed countless calls from them only to get a call yesterday about my approval! YAAAY! Early today, they called again asking when would be the most opportune time to install the unit. Since, I will be away for the week, I asked for them to install it next week Tuesday!

FTW! Blog, PLDT's Ultera Fun 699, #PLDT, #ulteraFUN699, #FTWblog, zhequia.blogspot.comAnd the highlight was that from the original 999 Plan it is now 699! A limited offer which only lasts until May 31st this year. Will update you how fast the plan is and how much I will pay on a monthly basis. To know more about Ultera Plans, you can head out here PLDT Home Ultera for more details.

Just to add more information: all plans include iFlix for your movie and TV Series and Spinnr to take care of the music. Get hooked up today!

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