Affordable Computing in the Philippines - NOW!

Creating a reliable and cost effective information technology infrastructure is perhaps one of the most challenging task every business had to face.  Providing desktops, servers, connectivity and the likes is easier said than done especially when technology changes rapidly and pricing also varies.

Businesses need not worry anymore however because affordable computing is now available in the Philippines through NComputing.  NComputing provides a very powerful alternative to the usual one user to one desktop setup in the office.
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What Ncomputing does is distribute the unused computing power of one desktop to several users using its relatively small kits which is barely 5 watts in power consumption.
What are the Key Benefits of using NComputing?
  • An End-to-End, Fully Integrated Desktop Virtualization Platform
  • Superior user experience with desktop roaming and high performance multimedia
  • Reduces desktop computing acquisition and management costs
  • Increases productivity by enabling users to work securely from anywhere with any device
  • 4 Million seats deployed, used everyday by 20 Million users in 140 countries
  • Unified, centralized manageability for IT
  • Flexibility and agility for the business
By utilizing NComputing you also contribute to a greener planet:
  • Cut Electricity up to 90% - NComputing devices use 1-5 watts of electricity as compared to 110 watts of a PC.
  • Less CO2 emissions – A 500-seat NComputing deployment would reduce 9 metric tons of CO2 emissions and would save over 70,000 KWh per year.
  • 90% less e-waste – Electronic waste represents only 2% of trash in landfills but represents 80% of toxic waste. As compared to a typical PC’s weight of 9.5Kg, an NComputing device weighs only 150gm.
  •  Less heat, low air-conditioning requirements – A typical PC generates 375 BTU/hr as compared to an NComputing device which generates almost no heat (less than 4 BTU/hr).
  • No Obsolescence – Solid state device based NComputing lasts for 2-3 refresh cycles of a PC.
  • Less number of UPS, network switches etc  besides PCs in NComputing environment
    RoHS Compliant
Learn more about how you can tap on affordable computing and empower your business with it.  Visit our website at and contact us. Utilize the excess power of your devices and convert them into a more productive use in your business.

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