Porkchop Battle: Tuding's vs. Atoy's

I am utterly grateful for my new set of friends here in Cavite. Trust me, you will never go hungry when you are with them. I am not that picky with food as well so I just go with the flow. This time, we reached Biñan, Laguna to check out the famous pork chop in town.


Hailed as the original of all pork chop eateries in Laguna and has been a go-to place for locals and food crawlers like myself. 

The visit will not be complete if you do not get the pork chop. Served with fried egg to your preference and fried rice cooked with the oil from the meat itself. Best paired with their white vinegar and chili sauce. Had to order extra rice because it was so good.

Straight forward, unadorned, cafeteria like building with just enough ventilation for patrons. 

The meat was sliced thin thereby after frying, crispy and juicy from the thin fat trimming. Seasoned with just pepper and salt. All things good. No one ever gets tired of pork chop.

Meal costs Php60, drinks not included. Cold water dispenser is available for free. Self service.


Just across Tuding's is a branch of Atoy's. Yes, that is how they roll in the pork chop world. We visited Atoy's on a separate date as not to tarnish my initial experience. Having the same no fuss interiors and wall fans to keep everyone cool. They barely had enough tables to cater 15 guests at once. 

I was able to remember to inform the cook that I want my egg to be runny. The meat was a bit thicker and was rather under seasoned. I wanted my chop to be thin and crispy, this was the opposite. The fried rice wasn't too greasy, no extra pork juice!

Meal costs Php65, drinks not included. Water dispenser is available for free. Self service.

I guess you could probably tell by now which chop I liked best. One could say they liked the other and as they say, to each his own.

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