5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Christmas is barely a month to go! The days have been noticeably shorter and the nights are longer and certainly our wishlist has grown longer too. Juggling work, leisure and some grocery shopping to fill your trees with gifts does take a toll on our health. Times like these when you would need all the energy you can get and not let the stress get in your way. This is the time to maintain the positivity and ensure that the Grinch won't come knocking. After all, Christmas is not too much on the gifts but more on sharing what we have to others.

Here are some ways you can stay healthy and strong during the season of merriment:

5. The power of sleep
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Never underestimate the power of a good shut eye. Whatever amount of sleep you need to feel refreshed the next day, make sure to get it! Lack of sleep depresses your immune system making you more susceptible to colds, upper respiratory infections. If you cannot skip your caffeine intake, make sure to avoid drinking coffee before bed to maximize your sleep time.

4. Get vaccinated
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People and germs mingle the same way. Protect yourself from the common flu and ensure to wash your hands a lot! I keep a small hand sanitizer on my bag. The holidays are all about sharing, but some things are best kept to oneself: spoons, forks and drinking utensils. Just remember people are still contagious even without symptoms. You don't want to spend the entire holiday season with the shiniest nose like that of Rudolph cause you are down with a bad case of the flu!

3. Eat well
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The holidays also bring about the most delicious food served on the table. Yes, that lechon is too die for right? Balance it out by having frequent feedings of fruits and veggies. Bring an apple to your shopping and market run to satiate your hunger and to avoid eating junk foods at the mall. Not only do you feel more full and for longer you also allow yourself to get the most nutrition to battle germs and boost your energy.

2. Hydrate and hydrate some more
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Hydration is very important specially when our country is located at the tropical region. Fluids not only transport nutrients throughout the body it also disposes toxins from the body. Skip the soda and opt for the organic fruit juices to avoid sugar and other preservatives. Just because it's the season for merriment, take time to burn some calories by carrying your grocery items and opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Hydrate some more during your workout sessions.

1. Take Fern C

When I was young, my mother always makes it a point to buy me Vitamin C. She says to take it after dinner before I head to sleep. I remember that it makes me feel drowsy and would cause me stomach aches if I take it without meals. Now, that I know better I told my mom how it's a best option to choose Sodium Ascorbate than Ascorbic Acid.

Vitamin C takes so many forms and Sodium Ascorbate is one of them, here are some reasons why Fern C Sodium Ascorbate is a better option than Ascorbic Acid:

* Faster and easier to absorb by the body
* Non-irritating to the stomache lining hence it can be taken on an empty stomache;
* Acts as a potent antioxidant;
* Helps prevent Cardiovascular Diseases
* Prevents possible cataracts
* Boosts immune system

Fern C has been every Filipinos choice for 10 straight years! No wonder they have been one of the awarded Superbrands in the country as well as a Halal certified product. They also take pride in being one of the top vitamin manufacturer that belong to the Quali-C with their brand promise: Bright Science. Brighter Living.

Want to know more about Fern C? Check them out from these links:

Official Website: Fern-C.com
Facebook Page: Fern C Online
Twitter Page: FernC_Twitter
Instagram Page: FernC_Instagram

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