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One weekend, I decided to meet up with my long time friend in Manila. It is a bit of a travel from Cavite but I thought it would be one of the many trips I will have to do on my own. We went to Greenhills and I barely survived with only a set of black socks while Azzuly had to stop herself from buying another pair of sandals. Oh the temptation and I survived and left the building unscathed. Too tired to head out and too early to go home, we opted to check the the building across - Greenhills Promenade.
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink 
I got giddy seeing that they had a branch of Xocolat here. I know about the place as it was featured on TV. I pleaded Azzuly to stay here and to kill time. We had the plan to have dinner at one of the steakhouses nearby. We settled in and started catching up with our life stories and some exploits. Details not intended to be divulge with this blog post. 
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink
The initial plan was to eat something light but seeing their menu made me want to order more than what I was hoping for. 

I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad was so good that I debated to add another order. Crunchy leaves with slices of oranges to add a bit of citrus to the mix. The dressing on the side was just right for the serving. The salad was made to order, there was no sign of browning from the apple slices, the cucumber still had crunch. I felt obligatory to have salad before the main dish.
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink, oriental chicken salad
Oriental Chicken Salad, Pan-seared chicken with crispy wanton in oriental honey dressing sold at Php185
Azzuly ordered the Dark Chocolate Churros and it was an instant favorite. Crisp, indulgent pieces dipped in warm dark chocolate ganache gave shivers to my spine and got me weak in the knees. We wanted to have more of this but we feared we'd die due to chocolate overload.
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink, churros con xocolat
Churros con Xocolat
Homemade Spanish fritters with a decadent chocolate dip sold at Php145
I love chorizo and I love pasta too hence it was just logical to order the Chorizo Pasta and boy was I happy. Sweet, salty goodness of the chorizo reminded me of Cebu. The pasta was al dente and was just seasoned to perfection. I wished I had enough bread to wipe off the chorizo drippings. I thought that maybe I can make this on my own, in time when I get my own kitchen or someone allows me to invade theirs.
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink, chorizo blanco
Chorizo Blanco serving sold at Php225, chorizo, roasted capsicum & white chocolate creat a unique burst of flavor
And what a waste of afternoon without sharing funny college stories with a cup of chocolate drink. Opted for the Aztec Hot Chocolate which included marshmallows on stick and 3 pieces of Russian Cookies. The cookies were really good, crumbly and dense best pair with the hot drink. The marshmallow spike was a good idea, what way to enjoy your drink than melting marshmallows? 
FTW! Blog, Xocolat, Greenhills Promenade, #FTWeats, #FTWblog, spanish, food trips, #02eatdrink, Aztec Xocolat, Chunky Xocolat
(Left) Aztec Xocolat, a dark brew bursting with spice to overwhelm your senses a cup sold at Php175
(Right) Chunky Xocolat consists of creamy chocolate chill with brownie chunks sold at Php155

Chunky Chocolate was Azzuly's idea, I failed to ask her how the drink was but she did say she experience a bit of headache from all the chocolates. Intoxicated by chocolate oh I will always trade this feeling any day of the week. A great place to sit down, chill with the best company. You decide who to take with you.

I love the place, it's rustic and unassuming. I enjoyed how the staff attended to our needs. They have other branches as well, one in Katipunan and the other in Libis. Life happens, chocolate helps. A warm cup of hot chocolate and a good friend to talk to is an afternoon well spent.
Ground Floor Promenade, Greenhills San Juan City
Contact Number: (02) 788-5865
Website: http://xocolat.com.ph/

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