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What food is associated when one says Filipino? I, for one would say lechon or maybe adobo. Depends on who you ask I think, but I stand by with lechon. An Aussie could say that the meat pie is their national dish. For New Zealanders would say that meat pie is part of their cuisine. 

Pie Face came to life in 2003 and is proud to be an iconic Australian pie brand. They pride themselves in using only the premium ingredients and combining traditional French techniques. The pastry they use is light, flaky and certainly aromatic as they also use French butter. The entire room is filled with freshly baked pastry goodness and it does smell like heaven to me.
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Talking to Alfred Lay, the company's COO states that pies in Australia are usually eaten as a lunch or dinner meal. And being Filipinos, we tend to be rather open minded about food. We like to try out new things: food, art and even experiences.
FTW! Blog, PieFace MOA, #PiefacePH, #piefaceph , #newfaceintown , #FTWblog , #FTWeatsStill one month in the business, they are looking into adding 3 more branches in the Luzon area. The opening of their first branch in Mall of Asia was never an easy task. as the pies are rather heat sensitive. The pies are made daily from their Central Baking Facility in Taguig, transport from the facility to their branch in MOA is quite a tedious undertaking to do.

They had to find a climate controlled truck to transport the goods from the bakery to the store. Even up to the step count from the parking area to the shop is crucial, this is the main reason why setting up a shop far away from the baking headquarters is hard to do. Maybe in time, they might open a branch out in Cebu, yes I had to ask. :)
Here are a few facts to share:

  • Since it's humble beginning, the brand has made it's pies and pastries from scratch. 
  • Pie Face has its own central kitchen that makes every individual pie to its own unique and individual recipe.
  • Pie fillings are made from raw, fresh ingredients including 100% Australian steak, button mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh cream.
  • Their freshly made puff pastry is carefully folded four times and rested before becoming a pastry of pie.

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    Sweet and savory pies sold at very affordable prices. They are still in the works for a regional and a seasonal flavor to keep us excited. Did you know that you can order their pies frozen? Yes, all you need to do is call early and pick it up at your time of convenience.

    Here are my favorite from their savory menu:
    1. Chunky Steak
    2. Steak Bacon & Cheese
    3. Minced Beef
    The sweet menu according to my liking:
    1. Dark Chocolate
    2. Lemon
    3. Cappuccino
    FTW! Blog, PieFace MOA, #PiefacePH, #piefaceph , #newfaceintown , #FTWblog , #FTWeatsThe staff are awesome and attentive. I recently visited PieFace to bring some meat pies to Cebu. I was so touched that they had to buy ribbons as I got myself 3 boxes. They were so sweet and accommodating.
    FTW! Blog, PieFace MOA, #PiefacePH, #piefaceph , #newfaceintown , #FTWblog , #FTWeats
    Pie Face
    North Wing Complex, Mall of Asia
    Pasay, Metro Manila
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