Gue Gue Yakiniku at J Centre Mall

FTW! Blog, Gue Gue Yakiniku, J Centre Mall, #032eatdrink, J Centre Mall
When the inevitable doom of YumYum Baboy's closure, I made it a mission to find the next best thing to my favorite Korean place. I blogged about it twice and have countless visits ever since I was hooked to this samgyupsal fad. There is this fulfilling sense of satiety after each meal. Full but never umay! I was rather picky in selecting which Korean places to go to cause I had rather high standards. I also fear that I might experience from I.M. Let's see if Gue Gue Yakiniku would step up to the plate.

FTW! Blog, Gue Gue Yakiniku, J Centre Mall, #032eatdrink, J Centre Mall
Moving on and finally accepting the fact that YYB will never be back, I always keep a mental note of places I wanted to go when my body and brain cooperates. After  a trip to the dentist, we headed out to Gue Gue Yakiniku in J Center Mall. The dentist clinic was a few steps. And I have been rather craving for some grilling. 

FTW! Blog, Gue Gue Yakiniku, J Centre Mall, #032eatdrink, J Centre Mall
Buffet is at Php400 per person and to ensure that we get what we paid for, we challenged ourselves to get as much as we could. After the 7th platter of meat, we already tapped out. HAHAHA! Too full to move and guess what? I had too much fun that I lost my tooth filling. Had to reschedule another appointment to the dentist the next week. ~facepalm

FTW! Blog, Gue Gue Yakiniku, J Centre Mall, #032eatdrink, J Centre Mall
What I love about the place is that they barely have guests and when we dined in, most of the people consists of both Korean and Japanese. They have a better meat griller than what most shops use. Instead of the usual butane portable cooker, they have a pre-installed cooker and utilizes gas. This is the first time as well that they use a thin sheet of paper to avoid overcooking of the meat which is rather effective.

I like that they already cut the meat before they freeze it. It saves time than the usual long meat strip and then you have to cut it to pieces before you can eat it. Also, you can cook more meat with this arrangement. What I noticed is that side dishes vary from one place to another and there will always be that one single dish that will stand out. The Green Onion Salad with vinegar is truly delectable. I like that its both crunchy and light! A great palate cleanser to a rather protein rich meal. We loved it too much that we had a few more servings. I also love a place where they serve unlimited lettuce. One requires tons of lettuce heads for a yakiniku dinner! I know we had tons of it! The experience is worth the price and the service is commendable. A great place to come back to!

Gue Gue Yakiniku
2nd Floor Veranda J Centre Mall
A.S Fortuna Street, Mandaue City


  1. Ahh YYB...too bad they closed :( Have you tried Chosun Galbi?

    1. Yes, I was able to try out Chosun Galbi. They are too expensive for my taste. I think I visited them in 2012 Chosun Galbi


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