Blazing Burger

As you may have known, I have uprooted myself from Cebu and moved here in Cavite. I left my previous job and I took the big leap to challenge myself. The move has been hard and finding good places to eat was a feat as well. I regularly check out Zomato for nearby grub or ask recommendations for the locals and friends that know places to go and stay away from. I headed to Manila for a blog event and took the liberty of staying as I was here already. The trip from Cavite to Makati is about an hour or two depends on traffic and I love maximizing my time. 

FTW! Blog, Blazing Burger, #eatdrinkManila, #FTWeats, #holeinthewallAzzuly, a close friend of mine just could not stop talking about this great burger place in Makati. We have been planning out a burger tryst and in all honesty have been looking for a good place to eat after a long day out of town. She heads out from work pretty late so I and France (my world travelling, long time friend) decided to wait for her to clock out. The place was a long way from where she worked and to tell you the truth, last night I did a lot of walking around. After all the excitement has died down, we  finally headed out to satiate this burger hunger filled with zeal and gusto! 
FTW! Blog, Blazing Burger, #eatdrinkManila, #FTWeats, #holeinthewallOpened last October 2014, this small burger joint offers a varied menu. The location is pretty straightforward, tables and seats al fresco which can accommodate at least 10-15 in one seating. There is little space to eat inside the establishment as the grilling station takes over 95% of the space. What I noticed is that most people just stop by and order for take away. There was a queue when we arrived and we had to wait to be entertained. The staff even with the overwhelming number of people waiting out for their orders was able to maintain great service throughout. Also, since they grill all burgers to order it does take a bit of time for the order to be complete. I did not mind this at all because all the waiting just made me want it more.

I had high expectations as I have tried good places back in Cebu and wondered if this lives up to the accolade Azzuly has been giving it. I ordered a Double Blaze Burger at only Php120 a pop. This behemoth consists of two quarter pound beef patty, condiments, lettuce, tomato and onions. Drinks are sold separately. They pride in using 100% real meat and no extenders. Flame grilled over lava rocks and made with the utmost care. This reminded me of Burger Joint in Cebu which has always been a favorite of mine. 
FTW! Blog, Blazing Burger, #eatdrinkManila, #FTWeats, #holeinthewall
The Double Blaze took me by surprised, it had a nutty beef texture to it. The patty was moist, seasoned well and maintained its consistency all throughout. They also remove the seeds from the tomatoes which was a task in itself but I appreciated that. The wait was worth it! I even had a hard time finishing the meal and was wondering how could one finish the Triple Blaze with three patties?! There were some items that were unavailable during our visit but I only came for the burger. The Red Tea drink was a tad too sweet but it was not that bad. Blazing Burger is totally worth heading out to. If you happen to stumble yourself in Olympia, make a quick stop at Blazing Burger.

Blazing Burger
J.P Rizal near Zapote Street, Brgy. Olympia, Makati City
Open from Mondays to Saturdays 3PM to midnight
Like them at Blazing Burger FB Page
Contact Number: (02) 621-0823


  1. Wow, you have moved to Cavite! New place, new eats, , new experiences, new friends!

  2. May I know where is this located? Is it near McDo PRC? I really want to go there but I'm scared to get lost. *laughs*


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