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Started out selling breads in Surigao and finally imported to Cebu with  the hopes of making their own line, Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop now ventures to a more sweet endeavor: cakes! I am really sorry for the next photos along with this post. Located at Taboan this quaint bakeshop has made saccharine-loving people like me to indulge on their baked savory and sweet goods!
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Cheese bread sold at 10 per box at only Php180. Using the same soft heavenly dough and just enough cheese. Check out their Yema bread which is their version of  Camiguin's pastel. What truly struck me the most out of their version of pastel was the dough. Oh my God was it soft and heavenly. The filling was just right, which is also a bad thing because this allows you more room to eat some more which I eventually did! A box of 10 is only Php180. 

Chicken Pandesal was a surprise to like. Soft savory bread and I loved how tasty everything was. Can you see the spices used to keep the flavor? It sure does its job well. It was a huge upsell from the usual bland meat roll in the market where only one side gets the filling.

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The rolled cakes were a breath of fresh air from the usual store bought cakes. Moist and has a good cake-frosting ratio. They have Chocolate Roll & Ube Roll sold at Php280 each and Ube Buttercream  Roll at Php260 which is my favorite among all three.

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Assorted Bars sold by Php200 per box of 8. Selections of Fudge Walnut,  Espresso Caramel and Choco Chip Butterscotch, The Choc Chip Butterscotch was an easy favorite. Never really liked caramel in anything but the espresso was a good oomph.

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Chocolate Truffle Cake at Php650 is an indulgent, chocolate glaze with rich chocolate ganache filling layered between soft and airy sponge cake.

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Boston Cream Pie for Php780 is my second favorite from the selection. White sponge cake layered with chilled light pastry creme and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and covered with almond slivers on the cake sides add a perfect crunchy texture to an otherwise soft airy cake.

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My ultimate favorite, the Strawberry Cake for Php780. Tarty, sweet and an instant favorite for any strawberry lover. For someone like me this is a great treat after a tiring day at work. Indulgent but not sinful! This is coming from someone who does not like strawberries. LOL

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Just when you thought they had me at Yema bread, they totally won me over by the Yema Cake at Php350! A good balance of creaminess from the yema and the white cake holds everything up.

The tasting was just a teaser for the upcoming opening of the Cake & Pastry shop sometime next year. You should go ahead and call them right now before the holiday rush!

Numbers provided below is from the Grand Tierra Suites where you can pick up your orders rather than head out to Taboan for your goodies.

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop
B. Aranas St., Taboan, Cebu City
Contact number: (032) 412-4562 or (032) 253-3575
Like their FB Page here: Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop

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