Calea Pastries & Coffee

One must visit Calea when in Bacolod. It is imperative that one must visit this house of sweetness. Being a frustrated blogger and a self proclaimed baker, we headed out to Calea after our Silay trip. We arrived just as they opened and boy did I went straight to the cake display. 

The place can accommodate as much as 50 guests at a time. Color scheme is light blue with interiors romantic and rustic. Well ventilated and the cake display is a sight to behold. I would have wanted to stay but we were in a rush to head back home.

Being the cake slut that I was, I had to see what they had to offer. The usual layered cakes were commonly displayed: carrot, chocolate and caramel. I can't help but wipe my drool off my chin. Did I mention that they offer refrigerator cakes too?

Yes, they do! Look at that spread! I had to keep my hand from shaking and failed miserably. We purchased a slice of Mango Refrigerator Cake and the International Chocolate Cake. Did you know that their cake prices only range from Php85 to Php100? 
Quite affordable for something sinful. What I love about the cakes is that they hold up amidst the travel from Bacolod to Cebu. Yes, I brought it back home with me without the box just the usual styro take away container. I loved the Mango Refrigerator cake! Fluffy cake layered with a light sweet mango frosting. The International Chocolate Cake is a different story. Bitterness and a sweet creamy custard filling is a great combination from the rich bitter chocolate ganache. Ahhh!

What sets the place apart from the usual cafes is that they put too much attention to the cakes they serve. They strip away all the excess and only provide you with nothing but the best. Homegrown and a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Calea Pastries & Coffee is a stopover you don't want to miss when you visit Bacolod City.

Calea Pastries & Coffee
Lourdes – C Building across L’Fisher Hotel
Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Contact Number: (034) 433-8664

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Calea Pastries & Coffee


  1. nice one Zhee! :)
    namit gd ang cake diri sa Calea. hehe!

  2. You're a "frustrated blogger"? Please expound.

    1. HAHA! Cause I don't have any right to claim I am.


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