Travel Thursdays: Visit Caraga

As many of you may know by now, I am not a local from Cebu. I hail from Caraga Region, a small speck in the Northern most areas - Butuan City. Butuan City is also the commercial and entertainment center of the Caraga region.

Official MTV MAG SUROY-SUROY TA SA CARAGA 2014 from Ryan Ugalino on Vimeo.

Note: Suroy-suroy means: to wandering around or to roam about.

Fast Facts:
  • Butuan City is also known as the Timber City of the South. Way back 1940s until the 1970s timber was the main industry of the city. 

  • The Agusan River is the third longest river in Mindanao and is the 3rd longest river in the Philippines. Flows northward for about 240 miles or 390 kilometers.

  • The fishing ground of Butuan is the Butuan Bay of which two coastal barangays are located. It extends some two kilometers to the sea and joins the Bohol Sea. These are the barangays of Lumbocan and Masao.
  • The Golden Tara of Butuan is a metaphor of the City's Glorious history and its journey to a progresive future.
  • We have orange colored tricycle. Sen. Angara was totally fond of the city when he did his campaign.

I hail from Lumbocan. LOL! I know that is not part of the Fast Facts! :)

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