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I was luckily invited to the official launch of The McCormick Online Store held in Maya Restaurant last May. Yes, this is another delayed post. Moving on, I hardly had time to prepare for the event. I get self conscious during invites like these. I am so self aware that it takes me longer to prepare for the event thereby chances of getting late are pretty high. I wanted to look good because I was certain this is one major event. I opted for a casual look instead as I ditched the heels and skirt and wore a fool proof blogger look: pants and a good blouse. Keeping it low. 

McCormick has prepared a good set of activities for the day. Prior to the event launch, we were given the chance to create our accounts as this is an integral part of the event. The online shop offers the vast variety of spices and herbs available for shipping to any point in the Philippines! It's simple as that. Also for purchases above Php5000 you get free shipping. This is a huge time saver for home based businesses as well as big companies that cater to the food industry. It's amazing how technology these days help out entrepreneurs maximize their time.

Invited guests revolved around the media: print, TV, radio and even from the blogosphere. I was happy to see JM from My Tasteful Life and met new bloggers as well. There were representatives from different Culinary Schools, F&B Managers from local hotels and of course a speaker from CCA. 
Subdivided into 3 parts: Education, Inspiration and Action The event started right away as soon as everyone settled. The event was headed by the fashion forward and ever so dashing Mark Suntay. 

Giving us a round up on everything related to flavor, spices and herbs was Chef Gigi Canlas-Angkaw from the Center of Culinary Arts. I was in awe of her experience and how far she has come, envious yes! Totally, I always wanted to study in CCA and this is the closest I could ever get. I jotted down notes after notes of tips for keeping spices and herbs potent and how to properly use them.

Meet Chef Wade Watson, the Corporate Executive Chef of the Abaca Group. Maya Restaurant, Phat Pho, Abaca, Tavolata just to name a few establishments he overlooks. A native of New Zealand, Chef Wade shared to us his experiences from being Australia's youngest chef at a 5-star resort and how he constantly polishes his skills as he traveled from Toronto, Thailand and Hong Kong. Jolly and warm in person, he truly helped ignite my passion for cooking and maybe just maybe I might leave the corporate world and pursue Culinary Studies.


This is the most integral part of the whole event, the launching of the McCormick Online site. Giving us a walk through is Miss Kim Deunice Gillesania, Food Service Product Manager at McCormick Philippines. A proud Cebuana and Atenista, she helped in navigating the site and how to order spices online. Yes, gone are the days when you would have to wake up early in the morning to go to the nearest market or rush to the closest convenient store just to fill up your baking needs.

The online store aims to provide accessibility, efficiency and convenience to home cooks and entrepreneurs alike. Shipping is available nationwide. With its user friendly e-commerce flat form, it won't be a surprise how you'd get your spices and herbs delivered at your doorstep. Mobile optimized and 10-20% cheaper than any distributor giving you the end user the best value for your money and certainly lesser burden in the kitchen. 

Visit them at: McCormick Online Store
Be updated with the latest from their FB page at: McCormick Friends & Flavor

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