Finally at Fudge

It took me this long to post this because I lost my phone during this visit. Now that is over and 2 months has passed, I am more than ready to do this review.

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I have always wanted to try out Fudge for the longest time but I never really found myself to visit. I was even a few walks away when I lived in Banilad and that wasn't enough for me to stop by. So I had got to have a great reason to be there and try them out. I met up with a good friend of mine from way back to catch up. When we do see each other, we make it a point to try out new places or old ones which we have never visited  yet. We are adventurous like that, maybe to some extent. 

Mango Cake

Layers of sweet mango, whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate ganache. It was a refreshing treat. Tasted just right and nothing out of the ordinary.
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

Army Navy

Sandwich made with bacon, chicken, egg, lettuc, tomatoes and smothered with melted cheese. The cheese as I guessed it felt like the cheese spread you get from the groceries. I didn't like that it sort of clots when you leave it for too long. It was okay. We were all in conclusion that this was for either stoners or guys trying to ward of a bad hangover. It was rather too much for me. 
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

Monkey Bread

I had high hopes for this cause I have been dying to try this out. You can tell that I was disappointed. The cake was rock hard and the ice cream helped in somewhat salvaging what could have been a better dish. I loved the ice cream but the bread was disheartening. 
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

Lava Cake

I am sorry for the over exposed photo. I don't have any other photo of our visit. Don't let the photo be a testament on how it tastes. It was rather good. The cake was rich with chocolate flavor. Tasted somewhat like a brownie. Soft yet chewy on the edges. The vanilla ice cream was a great touch. It balances out the whole dessert. The simplicity of the ice cream neutralizes the overall sweetness of the dish. No wonder this is considered the most famous among the others.
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

The great thing about the whole establishment is you that the kitchen is an open space area. You can watch their staff create, bake and decorate your favorite sweets. The indoor space has enough seats to settle about 35 guests at most. They have a clean bathroom as well.
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

The display area with the freshest goods. You can get your slice or order a whole cake. They are open for pre-order and pick-up. Best to call in advance. I was hoping to try their Cheesecake with a Chocolate Mousse. They didn't have that available when we visited.

Let's take a moment to oogle at this display window. :)
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

You may bring home a bag of goodies with you. Please make sure to pay at the counter. 
#032eatdrink, food, pastries, cakes, cebumade

Fudge Restaurant
888 A.S Fortuna Street, Cebu City
and now serving at: 4th Level Ayala Center Cebu City
Contact (032) 416-1727
Opens 10AM to 10PM

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