Turning 27

I know I promised to blog more often and since life throws you in the bath ever so often, then it took  me just today to do this.

I turned 27th lately. 16th to be exact. This year, we opted not to join the Sinulog crowd. I thought I'd be more laid back this year. Man, I do feel old. I have yet to accomplish tons off my list and I feel that I really do not have enough time to do everything.

What bums me out the most is that I had to cancel again my trip to Manila. Remember I won free tickets from AirAsia? I ended up as a no-show to that. I had to cancel due to work and a few days later, I was down with sickness. Why is it like that? You always end  up sickly when it's your birthday or your birth month. I ended up spending 5 days away from work and recuperating at home.

Here are a few thoughts I realized:
  • My dog remains the cutest ever amidst the last time I saw him. Maybe I was half expecting he would grow an inch but heck he is such a cutie.
  • I need to eat more veggies and fruits.
  • I need a new hobby. 
  • I should enroll to a short class. Hmmm, maybe it's about time I reconsider playing violin.
  • I want to adopt or foster one of the pets from rescue centers here in Cebu.
  • I want to create a daily post for my blog. Like Monday Madness or any of the sort. 
Thankful that I reached this far. Always thought I'd die young.

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  1. Belated happy birthday! Do not let work get in the way of adventure heheheh


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