New Year, New U!

I never cared for my weight as I grew up. I was lucky not to have allergies of any sorts maybe an aversion to some types of food like bitter gourd, slimy okra but other than that, I am practically a balanced eater. *wink

I remember that my weight started to fluctuate when I started College. Sigh, those were the days when McDonald's opened in my hometown. Jollibee take outs and Chowking deliveries for our nightly shifts in the hospital. Little do you know, I graduated in the field of Nursing. Funny when you think about it now. And that would be a totally different story.

Keeping fit is a hard task and so is keeping a healthy diet. Diet and fitness goes hand in hand. I am struggling with weight loss as I have noticed that I am gaining rather than losing. I also averted to slimming pills which actually worked to some extent. At the moment due to a recent tummy flu, I got back on my toes and reminded myself to be adamant with my goal. My goal was to reach my normal Body Mass Index. I need to shed 7 pounds more. Yaaay! That sure is good news!

For my Christmas gift, we were lucky to have a wishlist. I wanted something related to wellness. I was so eager to lose weight that I even paid the excess amount Here's what I wanted. An Oster MyBlend Personal Blender, why you ask? Why not?! It's pink and portable! Kidding aside, I wanted one cause Oster is a really good brand. My baking hand mixer is Oster as well and after 2 years it's still working. What I love about it is that the BPA free bottle is enough for you to take out for a run or even bring it to work for some freshly made smoothies. Trust me, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Also, this is not a sponsored post!

    • I freeze my fruit slices then blend them when I need them. Doing so will prevent wilting and possible decay of the fruit. I would be skipping the ice to make the smoothie cold. 
    • Instead of using white sugar, I opted for the brown. I hated the aftertaste if I used honey. Tried that once, never again. 
    • I use 1/2 cup of milk. I used the non-fat. Or you can use any type of your choice.
    • You can use plain yogurt or the flavored ones in lieu of the milk. I used Yakult once, it was also good. 
    • Experiment! I tried to blend Orange, Mango and Apples and it was the bomb!
Mango, Apple and Orange Shake, FTW Blog

Avocado Shake, FTW blog

And here is how you can get healthy in 5 minutes. Watch and start changing for the better! The video is made by the same guy that I posted about being a Pinoy Foodie. He is a local animator and an award winner as well. He placed 3rd on the 1st National Digital Arts Awards of Globaltronics. This time, he teamed up with one of my personal blogger idol, Erwan Heusaff otherwise known as The Fat Kid Inside.

You are the only one between you and your goals! It's simple. Just start! - Erwan Heusaff of  The Fat Kid Inside. 

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