NomNominated for Best Cebu Blogs 2013

Blogging has been my form of therapy. I look up to the great bloggers like Bianca Gonzales, laugh at the witty write ups from and be envious by The Pickiest Eater's posts. I look up to these great people and take envy from their latest exploits. I also would want to travel the world, visit sites and indulge in the culture the world has to offer. For now, I have Google and my amazing Google-Searching skills to get me by. Haha!

When I was nominated as a finalist for this years Best Cebu Blogs for the Food and Personal category. I was dumbfounded. I didn't even aim for such accolade. I had about 75 likes from the Best Cebu Blogs FB nomination page. Thanks for those who believe in what I have to say. :)

I blog cause I am truly passionate about food, travel and I want to share this to the world. I hardly even count how many people visit my blog. I take pride in what I write and it gives me so much joy knowing that in one way or another I have moved someone to be a better version of themselves. That maybe I have helped one aspiring blogger ignite her passion for writing or that from my blog someone out there is not as alone as she/he thinks she is. 

Best Cebu Blogs aims to promote Cebu through blogging. We are in the era of great technology, where we need to be connected to each other. Smartphones, applications and even text commands to keep us updated with things that are important to us. Hence, why not make us of this online power to connect to something better? Advocating charity, increasing tourism through Travel blogs, share recipes and food reviews for curious food enthusiasts. The Cebu blogosphere is so vast that only 45 of finalists have been nominated this year. The great thing about this award giving body is that, YOU get to nominate anyone who deserves to be acknowledged. YOU have that power

This year's event is made possible by the following sponsors:


Primary Homes Incorporated


Maribago Bluewater
Dr. Xavier G. Solis Dental Care Clinic


Island Grill


Cebu Bloggers Society Incorporated

and the 

i-Snaps Photography

I can't wait to see and mingle with fellow bloggers. The 6th Annual Best Cebu Blogs Awards Night will be held at Avalon Building in Cebu Business Park at 6PM

My heart still swells with the thought that someone out there thinks I deserve to be acknowledged. My aorta will probably burst if I win. Being nominated is totally great, winning would be even better! And now to prepare a speech.


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