Overhaul Part 2

Pardon my OC-ness that I had to do another "overhaul" for the blog. The other template was great but it lacked the simplicity I wanted. Searched online for what seemed like a few minutes and then downloaded each one I thought would look great. Found about 15 templates to try on and just like how you would try to fit one shoe in Cinderella's foot, it felt  just the same with how the blog would look holistically.

You might be wondering why I had to change the old template to this boring one. Well, here are my reasons cause you asked for it. Even if you didn't I'd tell you anyway.

1. I want something crisp and clean. And this template was by far the best one from the batch.
2. I needed to let go of the sliding photos. I might not have enough time to change it from time to time.
3. I learned a lot from the Nuffnang event that I attended last Saturday.
4. I did not have the talent like Mustachio who can just create amazing drawings blindfolded! This by the way frustrates me a lot! I wish I knew how to draw and be really patient with HTML code and CSS. I can devote a whole week to make this blog spanking however I needed to sleep too.
5. Less clutter and more space to write. The possibilities are yes, endless!
6. It looks great now with the option to share my blog found on the left. There is also an option to follow me in my personal accounts which is on the upper right hand corner. Yes, I gave you permission to stalk me. Please make sure to do so in a non-creepy manner and we'd all be good!

All in all, this is for the best and this is the last time I will do an overhaul. I promise. Or maybe, I'd try! :)

Here's a quick guide of the new layout. Works best if using Google Chrome.


  1. Less is more! I wish I had your patience (or OCness) to look for a template. I am just too lazy. Thanks for the special mention, but I don't think I can draw blindfolded. ;-)

    Please post about the nuffnang event. Wanna know about it :-)

    1. Haha! I know you can't however I am most certain that I will trade my patience to your drawing skills. :D


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