#NNRoadshow 2013

I rarely attend blog events for the fear that I can't get along with other bloggers and well I don't have anything to brag with my blog yet. Whom am I to compare to the big shot bloggers and those of who have made it there already?

Yes, I call it Blogger Pressure or shall I coin it? #BloggerProblems! Haha! Kung maka-hashtag ah parang twitter! 

When the invite came my way via e-mail, boy was I excited. I have meet the great people from Nuffnang the last time. We had the first ever meet and greet last year at Redbox. Let me give you the lowdown of who Nuffnang is and what they do.

Here is a short excerpt from the About Page of Nuffnang:

"Nuffnang.com, was launched on 27th Feb 2007, and had 300 bloggers signed up within the first 3 days. Nuffnang.com.sg launched shortly after, during April 2007. 

Five years later, in 2012, Nuffnang.com has expanded to 7 countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Australia with a database of 1,000,000 bloggers.

"Thousands of bloggers have been served ads by various blue-chip companies such as Nike, Citibank, Nokia, F&N, Disney Pictures, Honda, Samsung, Proctor & Gamble and many more."
"TODAY, not only does Nuffnang functions as the first blog advertising community, but more importantly, it continues to build relationships to form a close-knit community we like to refer to as a blogging family. Our bloggers call themselves, Nuffnangers, while the Nuffnang team is fondly known as Nuffies. Together, we strive to keep this community for bloggers by bloggers growing."

The Logo and The Name

Nuff Nang is a Jaifakan word which means, "Real good or real cool." Jafaikan is a dialect of English spoken in London with marked Jamaican influences. The current logo which was unveiled at the first Singaporean Community event last August 9th of 2007. It shows a stick-man and sort of shouting something out loud. It represents the significance of you the member, blogging and writing about anything and of course the advertiser who pays you in one way or another for speaking or talking about their product. 
What's in it for us? The bloggers.

Nuffnang conducts tons of events. They have free movie passes, themed events and product launches. Some bloggers have the opportunity to get first dibs on the last products and services as well as the chance to win amazing prizes from their very frequent blog contests. It's definitely a win-win situation here. 

The other side of the coin, the Advertisers.

Honestly, social media and bloggers like us has been proven to influence a lot of people and at this day and age almost EVERYONE has access to the internet. Reading articles, sharing blogposts and even just a simple tweet could do wonders.  With that in mind, Nuffnang helps advertisers reach to the most fitted blogger that matches the advertisers preferences.  The top quality blogger, meaning good content and the reaches the correct audience will get the brand exposure you need. Not only do they get the brand exposure that the brand needs, they will create close relationship with these bloggers too.

Talent Program

Nuffnang allows bloggers to develop the author's skills and give them enough leverage in the blogosphere. Talents are discovered or if you feel you are one, then apply for the role.

How to become a talent?
  • Keep blogging.
  • Keep influencing.
  • Keep getting more hits. Content is everything. 
  • Contact the Talent Team.

I was totally ecstatic about the event. I knew for a fact that my Saturday afternoon would be fruitful. And boy it was.
Meet, Abe Olandres, Nuffnang's Country Manager and yes the man behind yugatech.com for would you believe for more than 5 years?!

Since Nuffnang helps bloggers and advertisers with their products and services, they finally stepped it out by creating a standardized way for your earnings. Say goodbye to weeks and weeks of waiting. All you just do is wait for the final approval and you can go to your ATM and shop! :)
Update: Yes, it seems like it is an ATM card and it sure is! Would you believe that this small thing revolutionizes everything now? Nuffnang members can just visit any Security Bank and bring valid ID, fill out the form and the bank will forward it to Infinity Branch in Taguig, Metro Manila.

I learned a huge deal from the short time Abe gave out great tips for budding bloggers and even those who have been in the blogosphere for awhile now. What I loved about the whole event was the tips came from someone like me, a blogger. And Abe has come a very long long way. 

Here are Abe's fool proof tips for everyone:
  • Know and find something you are very passionate about. There is a whole wide world of blogging and some are still uncharted. 
  • Strike a difference. Once you find what you really love, it will definitely show. Find a different angle on how you present your content. Content is everything! Invest in it!
  • Always be grounded. It never fails to be humble.
  • Patience is the key. If you can't be the first to blog about that latest fashion find, then be the BEST at it!
  • Play well on your strengths.

If you are not a Nuffnang member yet, then now is the time to register.
Read more about Nuffnang at this page.


  1. Thanks Zhequia for this very informative post about Nuffnang. Now I know :)

    1. I thought it was a very lengthy post too! Glad to be of service. Register ka na! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes! Hahahaha! I even showed Trixie the old Nuffnang pin they gave away on our first meeting in Redbox! XD


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