Kalanggaman Island

Early to rise and soon paradise! Woke up totally ecstatic for the day's event. Left at the wee hours of the morning to get the travel started. Where we headed you may ask? 2 words: Kalanggaman Island!

Yes, located in Palompom, Leyte.

How to get there?

1. Head out to the North Bus Terminal and find the bus that heads out to Maya. This is the northern most part of Cebu. We rode the Maya via Bagay Ceres bus. The bus ride is terribly long and it would be best to tire yourself the day before and sleep your way through it. You may read a good book but then there are areas that well are not reading friendly. How about listening to Beach Boys or whatever tickles your fancy.

I opted to snap some photos. That got me dizzy so I had to stop and take a bit of a nap.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island2
2. Arrange boat ride via the Leyte Tourism Hotline: (053) 338 2094

One of the gang called the 3 Brothers boatmen to set up the time for departure. Here is there contact -number: 09158516135. The boat is rented at Php 5500. They have bigger boats that can accommodate up to 20-25 pax. Remember - You can never ride a boat when you reach Maya Port on a whim. Reserve it and plan it ahead of time.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island3
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island4
3. This is the time you can read a book or apply the SPH50 sunblock. The view is impeccable, you can go ahead and camwhore all you want.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island5
Best time to travel Early morning and never ever try to travel at noon til 3PM. It's when the rough waves welcome you. 
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island6
Or snooze. :)

I chose the latter. And when I wake, this is what I see. Minus the Welcoming banner but yeah I believe this is what I pictured it when I saw the vast amazeballs that is Kalanggaman Island!
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island7
The trip was only 45 minutes and it could take longer should the current is bad. We were lucky that it only took a less than an hour for us to swim on the pristine waters.

Since this was only a day trip, we did not stayed for the night. Most of who I was with had work the next day and just needed a brief getaway from the stress we call work.
For Safety reasons, please swim on the designated areas only.

The whole island is estimated to be about 9 hectares and 12 kilometers off shoreline of the mainland Palompon. 
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island10


Island entrance is only Php150 per person. This fee is used to maintain the island's cleanliness which we also witnessed in the late afternoon. A few island keepers raked, yes use a rake in the sand to remove debris.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island8

Swimming The water is totally enticing that you cannot stop yourself from diving in. Katio did!
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island14
Strolling by the beach, perfect for photo opportunities in the sand bar.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island11
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island12
Dive. There was a National Geographic boat docked nearby. You may want to contact nearby resort in the area. This one's from Malapascua; popular dive site in Cebu.

Or just chill.
FTW Blog Travel - Kalanggaman Island15


Sunblock - You're trip would never be complete if you did not dive into the clear waters the island has to offer.
Drinking water -The seawater is truly great dehydrates you fast. Amp up on water after each dip.
Medicine - Anti-emetics or anti-dizziness for the boatride and the trip back. One less byahilo moment to ruin anyone's vacation.
Food - This depends on who you are with. We brought our own and grilled from the grilling stations. 
For overnight dwellers - Tents and power supplies. Here is a link for the fees and services offered in the island. Click here.

Take a breather sometimes. ;)
FTW Blog - Kalanggaman Island20

I will see you again, Kalanggaman!

FTW Blog - Kalanggaman Island21


  1. Yay Kalanggaman! Inyo pumpboat kay gikan pa Palompon? And it only took 45 mins from Maya to Kalanggaman! Must have a powerful engine. It took us twice that time to get there wahahaha

    1. I know right?! Guess when he found out we were not staying for the night he amped up on the motor engine to maximize our time there.

  2. Kalanggaman Island is truly one of the best in nature! I haven't been here yet because we explored South of Cebu but we will include Kalanggaman when we go north. Oh by Marc, we will be in tacloban!


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