Happy Sacks

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumpling
All great finds happen when my weekly allowance is about to diminish. We went to JY Square to buy some groceries. I was in the area and I needed a break from my usual home and work route. Also prior to grocery day, I read about the place from a 032 feature post.

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumplingWe wanted to try as many as our money could afford, so we had the 3 piece fried dumplings. They did not have available at the time. I hope they have the steamed variant when we come back. 

I asked the wait staff about when they started and luckily the brain of the whole operation was around to fill out their dumpling supply. I met Melody Sy, the brain of the operation. 

Born half-Chinese, the family’s way of strengthening ties was in making dumplings. Her grandmother passed on to her dad the recipe and they use 70% lean pork to retain the best quality. The recipe will certainly be passed on to generations to come. Her big brother started out to sell the dumplings at USC Main, under a different name. He also used the family business for his thesis.

Initially, they were one of a select few small businesses that started their way from the BTC Food Market every Saturday. They were selling these little sacks of happiness (see what I did there?) pairing it will milktea. They also tried the market at Parkmall during the Chinese New Year and from there; they made finally had their own stall in JY Square. They opened in JY Square Food Court last May. Other than the stall they also deliver to nearby Cebu areas.  

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumpling
#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumpling
#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumpling

You can't  miss them. The stall is with orange and white color scheme. I can't believe that it took me 3 years before I knew that there was a Food Court in JY? And to think I lived in Lahug way back then? I am such a loser sometimes. 

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumpling

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumplingBoy, were we lucky! They have a weekend Buy 2 for Php100 for the milk teas! Wooot! A good deal indeed! Yes, we had to get some. Photo taken from their FB fan page. Promo offers every weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. :)

What sets them apart? Sure there are places that offer milk tea and dumplings but hey, here the star is the dumplings and the milk tea only comes as a second. A great combo if you asked me! 

#032eatdrink, food, cebu,dimsum, fastfood, milktea, dumplingWe had the Php30 3-piece fried dumplings. 

First Impression: Ohh, this look legit! It sure was. You can immediately notice the meaty stuffing. The wrapper wasn't greasy and the whole dumpling was sized in a way you'd want to eat more.

Taste: Meaty goodness in every bite. The dumpling is served with soy sauce. I loved the condiment, it did not overwhelm the dumpling. It complimented it very well if I could say so myself.

As for the Milk tea, I wanted to try their Hazelnut with Egg Pudding while my companion had the Dark Chocolate with Pearls.

Taste: Hazel Nutty sweetness and my oh my did I love the egg pudding. I have never had egg pudding on my milk tea before and this was oddly great. It was well balanced and nothing too fancy. Great for milk tea newbies. 

The Dark Chocolate was exquisite, I believe it was made out from quality cocoa. I bake too so I know what good chocolate flavor tastes like. I loved it and my companion was rather dubious if she'd continue to share it with me. :D

Tip: You can order frozen dumplings. Great pasalubong option for your friend who can't seem to get enough of dumplings.

Why the name? Because we imagined the dumplings as tiny sacks stuffed with different sort of ingredients. Or some people think it means it makes their stomach (sacks) happy. - Melody

It sure did mine! :)

Happy Sacks

JY Square Food Court
Hours of Operations: Always open. 24 Hours every Mondays to Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays 9AM to 8PM. Access the back gate to get your milk tea fix at the wee hours of the day. :)
Contact Number: 0933 283 5277
Delivers within Cebu with a minimum of Php300.
Like them at their Facebook Page - Happy Sacks
Follow them on Twitter - @HappySacks


  1. Thanks Em! ♥ I don't usually get to drop by JY but I think I will now. xD

    1. Hi Gie! I miss you here! :)

      Let me know how your visit went.

  2. Naa pa ba sila sa BTC weekend market?


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