January: Rundown

This would be a short rundown with what I have been doing since the year 2013 unfolded. I promise to make a better post next time. 

Sinulog 2013: This year, I spent it sleeping and mostly hibernating. Been down with something for days now and yes things started to get itchy. You need not know the details however please know that I am alright and recuperating.

I was unable to view the parade of floats and meet a few of my friends. I was walking at a very slow pace that day due to a somewhat sprained ankle. I was able to eat at a common's friends feast and get to see the much awaited fireworks finale courtesy of Ayala Center Cebu.

It is best seen on HD, trust me! Pardon the snaps I take cause that's the only time I can ever record the show and take photos at the same time. Pardon as well my friends for cursing and all that. It was never my intention. Everyone just got carried away. And the annoying lamp post to the left sorry for that too. I could no longer move where I was at cause I felt I was gonna get stiff neck from all of this.

And here is the photo from the video. Lovely right?

After my dental cleaning, we were able to join the procession.

Here are my Instagram posts, yeah you can follow me at @immangtikiya

Oh the things I wish I could do.

Attended mass.

Viewed the Pyrofest in SM.

Lovin' this new TV Series, it's Carrie Bradshaw minus all the sex. Pre-Sex and the City.

Just wanted to throw this in cause I can. I recently turned 26! OMG! I am utterly old! And I only got to spend it with a few close friends and relatives. 

And after all the festivities, I got this! Hopeful that I'd be alright after a few days of rest and relaxation. See you when I see you! :)

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