4 hours

I pushed start on my timer when I left the office building. I was heading home and rushing since I had to line up for Bonchon Cebu's Opening. Since I work in IT Park, I take advantage of the free shuttle ride when I can. The shuttle was waiting infront of Krispy Kreme.
I remember that I was willing to walk if there was no free ride available however I saw the white almost bus like feature of the vehicle that I decided to grab the opportunity.
I was texting a friend when it happened. We were cruising down E-block building when a pale gold Adventure collided us. I remember we were slowing down to give the driver a chance to overtake. He headed into us - full on! BAAAAAAAAAAAAM!
We were slammed to the seats across us, I heard cries and I felt something went numb. I was shaken, I could not move. I felt my face froze up, my body went nuts! I checked myself cause I felt something drip on my left leg. There was no sign of injury whatsoever. Then suddenly, after talking to the lady next to me I left something gush. There it was - blood. Droplets and dripping away, soaking my black jeans. I felt I was in a state of shock. I was crying, shaking and was in a state of panic. Instinctively, I called my friend of whom I was suppose to meet for Bonchon Chicken breakfast and informed her what happened.
There was this guy who came all in orange informing me to keep it steady. Yeah, I can keep calm alright. I got rude and shouted that I wasn't moving at all. Asshole! When the ERUF staff came, they had to cut my jeans to see the wound. It was a small one. The wound was hardly an inch, circle however small it was utterly painful. My knees were weak and they felt numb. I recall asking about the driver, I didn't really get an accurate response. I saw him there wincing. I hope he was alright.

After some interrogation by the IT Park personnel and some people, they wheeled me in the ambulance. The staff asked where I wanted to get checked I requested to be on the nearest hospital.


This was the guy who slammed his SUV to the shuttle we were riding.

Him: Miss, okay raka? Kana ra imong samad?
(Miss, are you okay? Is that the only wound you have?)
Me: Okay raman siguro. Nganu namangga man ka kuya?
(I think I am okay. Why did you bump into us?)
Him: Naa man jud nahulog, akong gikuha.
(I grabbed something that fell.)

I am not a licensed driver however I am most certain that if I were him, I would have stopped. Well he didn't.

Into the Emergency Room of Perpetual Soccour Hospital and after some lengthy discussion about Medico-legal, I was a bit calmer. Reality is that getting sick in the Philippines is a long and hard labor. Accidents like these would require us to file for an Incident Report, a Barangay Report, a formal complaint and yes you need the Medico-legal papers for that. What sucks is that you need to do this on your own especially if you decided to go to a private hospital. On public institutions, you can get your Medico-legal papers from the Outpatient department. Why is it so hard to be sick here in the Philippines? You tell me.

 Sure, I have insurance however it's a grey area when it comes to vehicular accidents. It is not certain if they provide full reimbursements of the expenses you were willing to pay in the hopes of getting paid back. What if not? I decided not to. One, I didn't have 5-10k for admission. Two, I was not willing to burn that away and not get paid back. :(

I spent most of the time in the X-ray room. It took a while to do everything. I was hoping to get the film within the day. The nurse informed us that I will get them tomorrow. ~Sigh I had to drag my limping self here to get the damn film. It's not easier at all.

I half regretted riding the shuttle. I can still feel the impact. I get scared if any vehicle comes too close to what I am riding. I am shaken. It took me 4 hours. 4 hours in the hospital, 1 puncture wound, a bruised knee, a limping gait and a scathed soul. Amidst all that, I am worried about my agents, I am thinking about reports and I am hoping to get back to work soon.


  1. Oh my... so this is what happened to you. I saw your foursquare check-ins. It sure is a hassle to avail of medical service here. Sorry to hear about this. Hope you'll be completely fine soon.

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  2. @Febbe - It sure is! And it's painful to walk!
    @Justinne - Tell me about it! Was totally excited about the Opening of BonChon that I rushed home to get my camera. And yes, definitely a hassle getting sick here in the Philippines. The nurses laughed when I said that. Thanks for the well wishes, been receiving that the whole time in FB and twitter. I am fine, a bit shaken but fine nonetheless. I limp when I walk however I am just glad that I am alive.

  3. Good thing you're doing alright.

  4. atay. naka picture pa ka! hahaha... take care kid!

    1. Hahahaha! I got to document everything you know.

    2. Hahahaha! I got to document everything you know.


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