NBI at J Centre Mall

Don't you just hate it when you have to comply for your recent employment requirements? And does it bother you that you're NBI Clearance has expired and that you need to get a new one? Well, worry no more! Satellite sites are now open to lessen your burden. Recently opened last July 16th, NBI Clearance Center is available in Mandaue. Located at the 3rd floor of J Centre Mall in Bakilid, Mandaue. 
You ask how to get there?
  1. Head out to J Centre Mall from 10AM - 7 PM every Tuesdays to Saturday.
  2. Go up to the 3rd Floor and find these signs, it would lead you to the right direction.

Once you see rows of Monobloc Chairs then you are almost there.
You would then find yourself outside with a guard that would direct you to the process.

I talked to the guard and he informed me that they can accommodate as much people as long as there is still time. They do not have Lunch Breaks. I would recommend coming in early that way you can get your clearance before the day ends. 

There are more chairs outside.
TV for the bored applicant.
Fill out the form and you would be done in no time.
Steps in getting your clearance.
Steps in Applying for NBI Clearance:

Step 1. Application Form
  •  Bring 2 valid ID's -   any of the following: Company ID, Current School ID, Voter's ID, Postal ID, Driver's License, PRC License, Valid Passport, VAlid ATM Card with Picture, GSIS e-card, SSS ID with Picture, ACR or Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Answer the form.
Step 2. Data Check

Step 3. Cashier
  • Pay the fee: Php115 for Local Employment/ Travel Abroad and other Requirements,  Php165 for Change Name/Business Permit/ Firearms License/ Premit to Carry Firearms/ PR and DOTC Requirements or  Php415 Naturalization/Cancellation of ACR.
Step 4. Encoding
  •  Check the encoded items on the screen, make sure you pay attention. Any item misspelled will cause you problems in the future.
Step 5. Bio-metric Fingerprint/Image-Capture.

Step 6. Quality Control
Step 7. Releasing
  • You can get your clearance if you have a clean record. People who get a HIT you would be back after 2 weeks to get your clearance or be interviewed, either way.
When you're done with your NBI, you can visit Cobo to get your milktea! :)

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  1. This is very informative. It will definitely help me a lot. I'm going there either tomorrow or this Saturday. Your attention to detail is unbelievable. Fine job! Thanks much. Leo


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