7 Eleven UCLM

After my short trip in Butuan, I was egging for some Slurpee. Jesus! This is the first time since I was like 12?! Off we went since I was feeling peckish. :P

The nearest branch was just across University of Cebu - Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue Branch. After talking about their branches, I was able to visit one.
First stop: SLURPEE!! What they had were a Root Beer flavor, a Green Apply type and of course a somewhat Cherry/Strawberry flavor.
People flock over the machine. :P
I had to wait for them to finish choosing while doing so, I went to the chiller were most of the microwaveable items were found. 
Pasta at cheap prices!
Sandwiches with instructions. :)
Meat rolls for only Php20 each!
Self-service counter for your choice of Siopao, Hotdog, Coffee and some Mister Donut.
My failed panoramic shot of 7 Eleven UCLM. :P
We went for the Siopao and the Hotdog Stations. 7 Eleven offers SIKSIK MEAL DEALS for only Php49! 12 oz of your choice of GULP and one Premium Siopao and you are good to go. Condiments are given at the counter.
BIG BITE with a 12 oz of your own choice of GULP is only Php41! Can you imagine that? Hot off the steamers meal combo for only less than a Php50?
And now, on to the Slurpee. We got the 16 oz for only Php23 each. Warning: Brain Freeze May Occur! :P
I choose what seemed like Cola only to find out it was Root Beer. Maybe I might end up liking it! I loved the fact that it was fun to drink and yes a little brain freeze has occurred. :)
Green Apple Slurpee was really refreshing. I loved it better than the Root Beer one. On to the Siopao and Hot dog, we saved both for our midnight snack.The Siopao was really good! The dough was just right and the filling was really great! :)
Premium Bola-Bola Siopao Php39.
I chose the Smoked Bacon BIGBITE Hotdogs and was only for Php29 each! :) 
The place was well-ventilated. You would expect people flocking over the place every now and then. Bought everything at Php114. It was not too bad. You would like to stay for a while and just chill out.
What surprised me is that they even honor Sodexo gift certificates here! Who would have thought?! They also have Prepaid Serviced like Phone Cards, Load, Sim Packs and of course Internet and Gaming Cards. You can also  pay your bills, get your Smart Money and even ML Kwarta Padala and G-Cash! What more can you ask for? Food, beverage, even your daily dose of nicotine fix. All in one roof. By the way, they do not sell liquor if you are under 18 years old. So please bring your ID if you think you look way to young for your age! :)

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